A Complete Guide to Preparing Yourself before the Snow Leopard Expedition in China

Expedition in China

Instead of sunbathing by the sea, why not do something different this summer? Years of savings will finally be useful when you will be taking your family to an exotic yet educational trip. They can witness the white-lipped deer, Tibetan antelope, and other animals & birds in their natural habitats. Above all, your children will get the first taste of wildlife photography.

Thanks to the modern world, your children are always running around the house with a smartphone. But, how many times have they spent even an hour in the lap of nature? Or, taken your DSLR to capture the surreal beauty of wildlife? Chances are very less to count but a beautifully planned photography tour can change reality.

If it is the first time when you are about to roam around the dense areas of natural reserves, you should be careful about certain things. Here’s what you should know before succeeding the snow leopard photography expedition.

Research & Observe to Get a Basic Idea

No matter, where you are traveling, it is vital to know what you will be expecting. The professional guides will take you to the best parts of Hoh Xil or Qinghai Lake. But, you can research what rare species which you will be expecting there. Whether permits will be required or not in the reserve park or what type of accommodation you will receive – everything is uploaded on the official site.

Also, don’t forget to learn basic local traditions. Then, you can easily greet the local people easily and return home with a bag full of memories.

Proper Equipment for Au Naturel Shots

Taking a camera is not enough for the tour. Only a single lens reflex camera can guarantee you the magnificent shots of Tibetan fox or snow leopard. This type of equipment gives you superb control over adjusting exposure and switching lenses for capturing the true essence of wildlife. Of course, you are living in the era of digital SLRs and now you can shoot in the burst mode. This mode works great in shooting the agile nature of rare ghost cat in Sanjiangyuan Nature Reserve.

Also, get a telephoto lens along with a stable aperture. This feature allows the right amount of light through the zoom range. In the ordinary lenses with the variable aperture, the amount of light reduces at the time of zooming. Now, if your SLR has an image stabilization feature, you can take stunning shots of snow leopards hunting blue sheep on-the-go. In case, you are not sure about how to utilize the feature, the guides can help at every step.

Practice Leads to Success

Like any other genre of photography, wildlife photography requires long practice. In addition to it, patience is equally important. The guides gather proper knowledge of the weather conditions but some things remain unpredictable. As you are traveling all the way from the urban corners of the world, waiting becomes quite difficult. So, take your equipment to a local zoo and play with the settings. In this way, you can take full advantage of the features in the field.

If you desire to explore beyond the common areas, the exotic China photography tour can grant you a ticket to the less-discovered places.

Author bio: Amy Lee is a travel and cultural enthusiast with a keen interest in informing people on how to take preparation for China photography tour. Here, she mentions 3 things that you must follow before going out for snow leopard photography.