Hassle-Free Experience of Custom Cigarette Boxes for Your Customers

Custom Cigarette Boxes

Almost all tobacco brands offer the same packaging designs for their custom cigarette boxes. Are you also one of those? If yes then it is difficult to make your product visible on the shelves of retailers. Cigarette producers are producing different styles of packs and cigarette boxes. And for decades, no refreshing change occurs in the packaging style of tobacco.

Nowadays, there are few packaging companies including Dawn Printing that are offering different designs and styles of custom boxes that help you to make a special place in the market. With trendiest, inventive and remarkable packaging styles, you can standout first among your competitors. From printing your artwork to assembling all packaging ailment, custom printing of packaging boxes go through several procedures.

And expert designers know how to cover your imagination and creativity within the painting with their skills. The benefit of using offset digital printing is that it can boost your dull packaging box to top in the line of so many brands.

Boost Your Custom Printed Boxes with Exclusive Artworks:

Don’t stop yourself from embracing new ideas and designs of custom cigarette boxes due to the tight line of your budget. You can make your custom packaging boxes to burst sales high-through in the market with a combination of tons of colors. Here, we want to share exciting and appealing cigarette cases for your brand.

Say Yes to White Cases:

Today, almost every single brand comes up with a bold and complex designing combination. Let’s give a different and classic look to your custom cigarette case. It is a simple white box with small highlighting details such as brand name and total counting of cigarettes. Make your product prominent on the shelves of retailers.

No one wants to pull out a dull and outdated cigarette case from their pocket. So make your tobacco range with the custom stylization of the packaging box the first choice of customers.

Go With Mentioning Details:

From the brand’s name to government instructions about tobacco, there is so much important information that your customers want to know. With the structural designation, you can mention these important notes on your custom cigarette case.

Every manufacturer must have some unique thoughts in their mind. Don’t conserve your imagination and share your creativity with packaging designing experts.

Comes Up with a Luxury look:

Who doesn’t love the stunning and elegant look but in cigarette cases, it is hard to find. With definitive details and bold color combinations can bring a sense of luxuriousness in your tobacco cases.

Many manufacturing companies with their tailor-made designs are offering eye-catching custom cigarette boxes that make your brand to achieve high standards in the market.

New is Good:

As we all know many herbal medicines come up in the form of cigarettes. Various print designing companies are offering your own designated custom boxes that display some health precautions on it. We recommend you to go with the combination of natural colors for this packaging style.

The neutral color palette is best for the custom cigarette boxes that are suitable for medication products.

Flip-up Window:

It is of unique design that suits almost every type of product. As compared to simple cardboard boxes, a case with a flipping window or cap gives an ample look to your product.

This type of packaging design comes up with 2 pieces. One-piece holds the cigarettes in one place while the other piece covers them like a protecting shield.

Emphasize Your Box with Spot UV:

For focusing on little points, spot UV lamination is one of the best methods. Make your custom packaging box burst with the glow of UV lamination. With this digital printing technique, you can highlight the small details and sharp the edges of the box.

This packaging style is always in trend but not all printing companies bring 100% accurate results. But now it has become an important part of the tobacco packaging industry.

Print Images of Your Own Choice:

As we all know many herbal medicines also come up in the form of cigarettes. Printing 3D images on a custom packaging box give an energetic boost to patients. This is a unique and innovative method to drive the attention of potential customers.

Visual effects play an important role in spreading awareness about the significant precautions and information about a brand. So, utilize it carefully, show your coordination with pro designers and get images of your own choice.

Matte & Gloss Finishing:

Like other packaging styles, matte and gloss finishing on simple and dull-looking packaging boxes. Matte finishing of dark colors gives a ravishing look to your product. This type of lamination is also used to bring out a glorious look.

While a gloss lamination of light and natural colors gives an impressive look to the custom packaging box for cigarettes. Moreover, with different layouts and fine cut edges, this packaging style rings the attraction button in consumers.

Stamp Foil Printing Method:

This hot stamping or foil stamping technique is considered as an eco-friendly method to promote your product in the internal market. In this digital printing, technique designs are made with dry ink on lamination pages under high temperatures.

When combining with spot UV technique, it can bring the tremendous temptation of customers for your product. In this procedure, some simple things are used such as heat, foil film, pressure for printing, and metal dies or dried ink.

Create 3 Dimensional Effects:

Give a spectacular three-dimensional effect to your custom cigarette boxes with embossed packaging style. This technique refers to press an image on the piece of cardstock that bring out 3D effects.

From printing special texts to the brand’s name and its logo, the emboss printing method gives a little rise to the surface of the packaging box.

Final Thoughts

As we mentioned earlier, custom print cigarette boxes are the creative and skillful method to gain the attraction of consumers. So, it all depends on you whether you want to go with a classic simple method or spectacular digital printing design.

Author Bio:
Jessica Hamler is an enthusiastic blog writer who writes mostly on packaging boxes. She has been working for several packaging firms for years. Her bond with Dawn Printing (a printing and packaging service provider in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada) is still on the go and she doesn’t have any plans yet to end the contract.