Know Your Basics From School To Prepare For Government Exams

government exams

Undoubtedly, school days were some of the days of our lives! You may not see it, but back in school, we built some really good habits which still seem relevant.

If you are preparing for Sarkari jobs or government exams, then some of these basics habits from school could help you achieve your goal of landing yourself a good Sarkari job.

We all have heard of the term, ‘back-to-basics’, which means starting from square one. Whenever you find yourself in a tough or complicated situation, take a step back, understand the situation you are in, and start again from scratch.

But, when you are preparing for Sarkari jobs or Government exams, you can’t afford to waste time. Though starting again from scratch is a good way to go, but still for many students who are preparing for Sarkari jobs, going back again and starting from scratch can be a bit of a task due to time constrain.

There are few dedicated Sarkari jobs aspirants who might be in the endgame. You’ll have to keep in mind that you are preparing for some of the toughest Government exams where everybody is working as hard as you are. Two people can do the same thing, the one who did differently and effectively wins!

But you know what, it doesn’t matter. It could be your very first step or could be your last, you can achieve your goal if you are willing to do it! And, it’s very simple too. Just by knowing your basics from school, you can definitely clear your exam and end up securing a Sarkari job.

Here’s a list of things we used to do in school that could help in your preparation.

Make A Proper Time-Table

Having a proper routine is the most important part of preparation. You might have made one and then another and then another and then the so-called ‘the last one’, but be honest to yourself, are you really following it?

The biggest mistake we make when we try to build a new habit or routine is that we tend to make it so difficult from the start that we end up failing in it. For many students who haven’t had a tendency of waking up early in the morning, try to become a morning person. That’s not how it is done. You should know your body and its cycle and try to go easy on yourself.

So, rather than making a time-table on which you would eventually give up, try making an easy one, which you will follow up till the end of your preparation. If getting up at 5 AM seems like a bit of a task you can start by waking up at 6 AM or 7 AM and divide your day’s schedule accordingly. And if studying for two or three hours in a stretch isn’t something you have done before then start by sitting for one hour or one and a half hour in the start and you can increase your sitting momentarily.

Divide And Conquer

Forcing yourself into a study marathon could be a drag for many. But, if you could just divide your time for each subject it won’t feel like a burden to you. Know what your strengths are and at what part of the day your mind is more active could really help you in your Sarkari job preparation.

Just like in school where each and every subject was important, here as well, for most of the Sarkari job examination, every subject matters. You should try to give all your subject the same amount of time.

To Be Noted!

When you are studying for Sarkari jobs, making notes for the subject you are studying could be really helpful during the last days of your preparation. It happens to almost every student while reading a subject it feels like everything is important. Making notes is an art.

The biggest mistake students make is that they try to make notes the very first time they are reading a subject. When you are studying a subject for the very first time and about which you have no prior idea, you might tend to feel like that everything is new to you and important.

So, rather than taking notes from the very start of the subject, try to read the subject first. Understand what the subject is about and what is and isn’t important for your preparation. Now, when you have understood the subject, take out your copy and pen and start taking notes of the important things that you feel could come in the examination.

Reading your handwritten notes several days before your examination is a much better approach to score in Sarkari results.

Choose Your Spot

Do you remember in school we had first benchers and backbenchers? Back then we never gave it much of a thought, that why some of the students prefer sitting in the front and why some sat at the back of the class. Just because the backbenchers were usually the one who disturbed the class, we generalized them of being not so studious.

But, that’s not true. Every student is different. They have different preferences and choices. Some like to study in the library and some like to study at home where they are alone and quiet.

So, when you are preparing for Sarkari jobs, choose your spot where you feel you could sit for hours without breaking a sweat.

Revision Is A Must

You might have heard of this thousand of times, but it is true. Revision is one of the most important things a Sarkari job aspirant should do when he is preparing for exams. In school, we used to get the same homework the teacher taught us that every day. Why is that? So that we could retain what we learned in school.
It is believed that within one hour, people forget 50 percent of the information and within 24 hours, 70 percent of the new information, and within a week, almost 90 percent of it.

Though these habits are very simple, they are very effective when followed honestly and patiently. Try to fit these above habits from school in your daily schedule to maximize your preparation in order to secure your dream Sarkari job.