Salary Graph of a CA in India

Chartered Accountancy is the most prestigious career option for aspirants from the commerce background. Becoming a chartered accountant is a dream of many students and when it comes to money, CA’s are living a quite amazing life in the country like India. Let’s read what is the average CA salary in India and how does that vary from CA to CA.

Salary Scope and Growth of CA in India

The Chartered Accountant (according to survey in 2018) is, paid the average hourly salary of Rs 500 (ranging from min of Rs 150 to Rs 2000 ) monthly average salary Rs 55000(ranging from min of Rs 10000 to 1,50,000).

Scope for salary

You can differentiate the salary package on the basis of skills, profile, experience, location for CA professionals.

CA Salary in India: On the Basis of skills

CA needs the basic three skills to serve their clients. They are gauged and paid according to their analytical, compliance and reporting skills. In industry, skills like budget management, strategic accounting, management auditing, financial analysis and controlling and financial reporting are highly paid skills with avg salary more than 8 lakhs per annum. And tax compliance and tax consulting are lower paid skills with avg salary paid of 7 lakhs p.a.
All those professional who possesses and polishes their skills in different dimension earns more remuneration ranging around 25 lakh per year.

Table showing Chartered accountant salary in India on the basis of skills

Skills Avg..salary p.a Growth expected in 2019
Budget management 9.5-11 lakhs
Strategic accounts 8.9- 9 lakhs
Evaluation and management auditing 8.5-9 lakhs
Financial analysis 8.5- 8.8lakhs
Financial advisor 8.5-8.75lakhs
SAP financial accounting and controlling 8.10-8.25lakhs
Financial reporting 8-8.2lakhs
Auditing 7- 7.5lakhs
Account management 7-7.25lakhs
Internal audit 7.25-7.35lakhs
Accounting 7.25-7.35lakhs
Tax consulting 7.10-7.25lakhs
Tax compliance 7-7.1lakhs
CA Salary in India: Basis of experience

Along with your skill, experience also matters to calculate your cost to the company. The practical experience has a lot of relevance in determining the chartered accountant salary, but along with experience your zeal to update and learn, add more worth to your experience.
The starting salary of ca fresher is at an average of 7 lakh per annum whereas CA with experience of more than 10 years is paid more than 20 lakh per annum. With continuous practice and experience, you set a good reputation and goodwill in the industry and can establish a good brand for yourself.

Chartered accountant salary in India on the basis of experience

Year of experience Avg..salary p.a
0-5 7 lakhs
5-10 12 lakhs
10-20 20 lakhs
Above 20 50-70 lakhs
CA Salary in India: on Basis of a profile

The hunt for CA is not only for someone to take care of tax and accounts, but they demand various other skill sets which a CA possess. The salary of CA also varies with the job profile at which they are recruited. The profile for CFO, Account Executive, Financial Controller, and Accountant enjoy avg.salary above 20 lakh per year, whereas Account assistant and Business Analyst are paid approximately Rs 10k per month.

Chartered accountant salary in India on the basis of job profiles

Jobs profile CA Salary per annum (Avg) Growth expected in 2019
Finance officer 35 lakh
Account executive 25 lakh
Accountant 25 lakh
Finance controller 19 lakh
Finance manager 10 lakh
Chartered accountant 7.25 lakh
Financial analyst 6 lakh
Assistant account manager 5 lakh
Senior account executive 4 lakh
Senior Accountant* 3.5 lakh
Business analyst 4 lakh
Account assistant 2 lakh
CA Salary in India: on Basis of the City where they are Recruited

The location where you reside has its effect on the cost of living, hence every company pay according to the demand and living cost of a particular location. It has been found big cities pay a better scale to meet the cost of living and retain the professional to meet the increase in demand for services offered by CA. Gurugram and Chennai pay the highest salary to CA with keeping the average slab above 8 lakhs, where Jaipur and Ahmedabad are among the lowest paid cities with avg. salary of around 5 lakhs.

Chartered accountant salary per month on the basis of the location where you reside

City CA Salary per annum (Avg) Growth Expected
Ggn 9.5 lakh
Chennai 8.50m
Mumbai 7.5lakh
Delhi 7 lakh
Guwahati 6 20 lakh
Punjab 6 lakh
Pune 6 lakh
Ahmedabad 6 lakh
Jaipur 5 lakh
High paying employers to CA in India.

The highest paying company to CA professional is ICICI BANK and PWC( PricewaterhouseCoopers). The working environment in companies which are exclusively involved in financial consultancies such as PWC, Ernst, and Young, Deloitte and KPMG is professional and competitive and attract a lot of application from CA. Working with such firms gives the opportunity to explore many another dimension to the CA profile. They are also the top paying employers In the industry.

Highest salary of ca in India

Employer CA Salary per annum (Avg)
Deloitte 9 lakh
ICICI Bank 12 lakh
PWC 10 lakh
Ernst and young 8 lakh

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