How US Boarding Schools Can Benefit International Students

boarding school

A boarding school provides a multicultural environment for a student that makes the experience even more diverse. With increased access to technology and information, there is no doubt that the world seems more connected nowadays. Cities, workplaces, universities are becoming more and more international. Globalization is also making a mark on education where international boarding schools and high schools are gaining popularity among people around the world. The advantages of attending a boarding school are pretty apparent that includes 24/7 supervision, increased responsibilities, and independence for students, diverse academic opportunities, etc. However, when you combine the multicultural environment, there is numerous add on benefits for students:

• Challenging Academic Environment:

Most of us are aware of the fact that boarding schools are rich with opportunities. Smaller class sizes and highly qualified teachers encourage the students to take better control of their education. With vast experience and wealth of knowledge to share, students at boarding schools can maximize their learning potential, extra-curricular activities, and state-of-the-art facilities at their disposal. At boarding school, students can actively participate in a variety of sports teams, fine arts, and club offerings that will help in diversifying their interests. With more time available to them, they can develop necessary social skills by interacting with peers who have related interests.

• Share the experience of being away from home:

It can be a difficult decision to move away from your home, especially when you consider you will be in a different country and environment. However, at an international boarding school, you will not be the only one to feel that away or far away from family. Under this progressive form of education, you will be able to share the experience of being away from your friends and families and bond with classmates. Above and beyond, a Boarding School Review mentioned in an article that “you will make friends with people that you would usually not have a chance to meet. Being part of a boarding school community can help you overcome cultural barriers associated with living outside your country”.

• Immersion in American life:

Studying in an American school can change the trajectory of educational and career paths for any international students. Students often feel more confident, prepared, and comfortable studying further in American universities after adjusting to American culture at boarding school. Moreover, they will get the support needed to get admission to U.S universities and be aware of the college application process. According to statistics of a prep school, around 50% of the graduating class of 2018 was admitted to the top 50 universities in America ranked by U.S. News.

• Improved Language Fluency:

English is the only medium of communication and instruction at most of the International boarding schools. It is likely a common language for anyone who comes to abroad from around the world to learn and live. Today, English is used everywhere as a common language to communicate, whether its school or company. Besides, as international students, being surrounded by people speaking English promotes fluency in the language. It will, in the end, help the students solely who want to attend top universities in the U.S or pursue an international career abroad.

• Enhance Classroom lessons:

One of the best ways to help students get the most out of classroom sessions is to make them engaging for students and let them share their ideas and opinions. Spurring discussions in classes and allow students to talk about their perspective is a great way to analyze how their culture and past experiences may shape these. This will create a multicultural classroom atmosphere where students will learn about different countries, news, and events from people who have experienced the events closely.

• International network of friends:

Studying with people who have come from different areas of the globe not only means you have an international network but also means you will have friends wherever you go. The bond you share will help you build a strong foundation of lasting friendship. You can say that you will have a personal tour guide in every country you visit, after studying in an International school.

• In Final Words

In the United States, boarding schools prepare students to become acclimated to life and offer deep school engagement that develops academic abilities.