Four Movies to Stream Online for Girlfriends’ Night

Kudos to girlfriends who never leave our sides! These ladies are our ride-or-dies, who lift our spirit when we are in a slump and remind us of worth when we can’t see it. These girls are strong and determined as they set their own goals and carve their path to reach their aspirations. Their willpower is unbreakable, but their hearts are pure and full of love for us and other people dear to them.

Our girlfriends are some of the best people to have in our life. Thus, they deserve a treat especially when we don’t see them often. Planning a movie night is a chill activity to bond and catch up. You catch new film releases through Glorietta movie schedule online or setting a Netflix and chill kind of night at home.

If you plan to stay at home, you must pick the movies beforehand to have options for your gals. Each one is sure to have their poison so you must prepare accordingly. Below are some movie suggestions you can stream online for your squad sleepover. The films have different genres, so its themes and storylines vary.

1. The Notebook

Genre: Drama, Romance

Who wouldn’t want a sappy romantic film? Moreover, who could resist the charms of Ryan Gosling?

The Notebook (2004) is a film adaptation of Nicholas Spark’s novel of the same name. It tells the story of the budding summer love story of two young couple during the 1940’s. The two lovebirds, Allie and Noah, are the classic example of rich girl poor boy plot who relies on the power of their love to face adversity.

The film is perfect for hopeless romantic girlfriends who look forward to meeting the one who will sweep them off their heels and knock their socks off.

2. Jerry Maguire

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

First of all, Tom Cruise is in it. On top of that, there’s Jonathan Lipnicki as Ray who is also cast as “George” on Stuart Little. But these people aren’t the only reason why the movie is a ’90s classic. Jerry Maguire, portrayed by Cruise, was a successful sports agent who has everything in life until he was entered a self-realization mode. His superiors didn’t have the same enthusiasm he has on his new mission in life, so they stripped him of his title and privileges. He stepped out of the sports business with a client and one person who believed in his abilities to rebuild his career.

Everyone in the #adulting stage would relate to this. It also applies to those having a quarter or midlife crisis because no one really knows what to do with life unless they start questioning everything.

3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Before there were Lily and Marshall in “How I Met Your Mother,” Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell) dumped Jason Segel, who played as Peter Bretter. He decides to take a vacation to get over the break up only to find his ex and her new boyfriend at the beach resort in Hawaii. Forgetting Sarah Marshall came from the creators of ‘Knocked Up’ and ‘The 40-Year-Old-Virgin’ so expect it to have an unforgettable plot for a rom-com.

The setting will inspire you and your friends to become spontaneous this summer. The unexpected beach trip or flight to Hawaii is sure to flame up your vacation especially when looking for fling prospects.

4. The Fast and The Furious Franchise

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller

Few movie franchises have consistent casts, and this film is one of them. Furthermore, The Fast and The Furious franchise includes female roles which became focal points of the story. The film revolves around street racing combined with illegal and underground activity. Each movie shows the progress of the plot as well as the transformation of each character in response to each situation.

There are cars, no-nonsense alpha females such as Michele Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, and Gal Gadot who can take a punch, steer the wheel, and drift like there’s no tomorrow. The Fast and Furious is perfect for a pumped up night you need to release some adrenaline.

You can now cross off movies from your prep list. All is left to do is run to the store for some chips and munchies, freeze some sodas, and fluff the pillows. Don’t forget the add some blankets and throw in face masks for the ultimate downtime experience.

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