Why Smart TV Owners Must Get the Best True Wireless Earbuds in India

Best True Wireless Earbuds in India

Wireless earbuds have transformed the way people enjoy music, podcasts, TV shows, movies, etc. on their mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. But, did you know Smart TVs also connect with your wireless earbuds? It’s finally possible for people to watch TV without having to disturb people around them and move around freely! Plus, the latest wireless earbuds offer amazing sound, active noise cancellation features (ANC), and plenty more.

The Rise of Smart TVs and Wireless Earbuds 

The latest range of Smart TVs, especially the ones that allow users to stream video content, now come with built-in Bluetooth capabilities. Hence, pairing your wireless earbuds with these TVs is super-easy. In the past, the Indian market was averse to both Smart TVs and wireless earbuds. Both of these products were deemed overpriced by Indian audiences. In the past two years, demand for both of these devices has skyrocketed. For instance, in 2019, researchers reported a 25% growth in demand for smart TVs in India. In the same period, the Indian Smart TV market grew by 15%. 

A similarly strong growth in demand has been observed in India’s wireless earbuds market. Lowering prices and amazing innovations are behind the rise of smart TVs and wireless earbuds. Users are realizing that wireless earbuds offer them the freedom and comfort that other listening devices don’t. Users simply need to find sound profiles that suit them to enjoy bone-chilling audio experiences while watching television. 

Why Getting Wireless Earbuds for Your Smart TV Makes Sense

Here are some key reasons why the wireless earbuds and smart TV combination makes perfect sense –

Freedom to Move – When people are watching news channels or sports events, they often need to move around the house to complete basic chores. Blasting the TV’s audio and disturbing your neighbours is one way of achieving such mobility while watching TV. Another easier way is to go cord-free and hands-free by investing in high-quality wireless earbuds. Listen to favourite TV shows and channels in total privacy while moving around the house!

Privacy – Why disturb other members of the house while watching TV? Connect the wireless earbuds to the smart TV’s in-built Bluetooth system and listen the while working out, do household chores while listening to sports commentary, and plenty of other exciting things. 

Drop Noise Pollution Levels – Now that working from home is mandatory for countless professionals, watching TV at home has become extremely risky. You never know which family member or neighbour you’ll disturb. Save them and yourself from such disturbances by investing in wireless earbuds with noise-cancelling features. You won’t have to listen to loud Zoom meetings or make others listen to your favourite TV shows! 

High-Quality Audio – Once you get best true wireless earbuds in India, you’ll be connecting it with other devices, not just your smart TV. The best wireless earbuds offer amazing audio experiences, irrespective of which device you connect them to. These compact listening devices attenuate outside noise efficiently. They can recognize noise signals and neutralize them to ensure users’ listening experiences aren’t interfered or hampered. After getting a taste of the high-quality audio experiences these wireless earbuds provide, users may find it hard to consume audio content in any other way. The aural experiences these earbuds facilitate are full of excellent bass, treble, and crystal-clear audio! 

High Demand – Although most consumers still own wired earbuds, almost all of them plan to make wireless earbuds their ‘next buys.’ For instance, in the UK, over 60% of audio content consumers say they plan to ‘go wireless’ by buying wireless earbuds in the next year. The UK’s wireless earbuds market is growing at 64% CAGR. The Indian wireless earbuds market is experiencing a similar rate of annual growths. So, Indian consumers can expect to see wireless earbuds in every other home in the next two to three years. Market demands never lie, so the high demand for wireless earbuds only verifies the qualities of these devices. 

Going Wireless on a Budget

Is it possible to find high-quality wireless earbuds for low prices? Yes! The wireless earbuds market is full of exciting budget models at the moment. These products are usually priced in the ₹2,000 – ₹5000 range. They can easily connect with the latest Smart TVs and offer high-quality audio experiences. But, before shopping for budget wireless earbuds, shoppers need to some things –

  • Always opt for brands that are recognized locally. 
  • Get wireless earbuds that support Bluetooth version 5.0.
  • Pick the earbuds that offer multiple audio profiles (A2DP, HFP, HSP, AVRCP, etc.)
  • The earbuds must come with complimentary case batteries (at least 500maH capacity). 
  • The operation range should be at least 10m. 

In the past, budget wireless earbuds meant cheaper materials (plastics), lower life expectancies, and substandard sound qualities. But, the wireless earbuds market has changed a lot in the past year. Increase in demand and innovation in this segment has significantly lowered product prices, and it’s the ideal time for savvy shoppers to get good deals!