4 Common Pitfalls to Steer Clear of When Choosing Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

 It is your wedding and you want everything to be picture-perfect – the venue, decoration, photography, and everything in between. But to create a great look, all of you need to look great. Only picking a stunning wedding gown is not enough. You also need to pick stylish dresses for your bridesmaids. Looking for a color that will look great against your white gown? And you are ready to go bold. Then, choose burgundy.

Close to red wine, it is a spectacular shade that will make a fabulous statement as your maids walk down the aisle with you. So, are you ready to buy burgundy bridesmaid dresses for your girls? Go on but avoid these mistakes when shopping for these dresses –


  1. Choosing Dresses Similar to Your Wedding Gown

Don’t dress your leading ladies in anything too close to your wedding gown – it will ruin the entire look. The idea is to complement your wedding gown with bridesmaid dresses, not overpower it. If you have picked a lace wedding gown, choose bridesmaid dresses in the burgundy shade with a touch of lace to echo your look. But you should not choose lace dresses for your girls. Besides, you can choose a single detail from your gown, including the back or strap, and introduce this into your bridesmaid gowns.


  1. Picking Wrong Styles for the Venue

Your dresses will be in their dresses all day long. So, it is crucial to choose a style that is appropriate for the venue. So, if you are getting hitched in a church, modesty can be an important thing to consider. So, plunging necklines in burgundy dresses will not be appropriate. If you are marrying on the beach or outside, long A-line dresses or chiffon gowns can get caught up and damaged easily.


  1. Not Considering Every Girl in Your Gang

Every girl in your bridal squad is different in their own way. There can be differences in complexion, build, and style. So, a burgundy dress that looks good on a particular bridesmaid can be a terrible choice for another. Although you can’t buy perfect dresses for every lady, it would be better if you can consider them individually when choosing gowns. Go for dresses that they connect to and they will appreciate your consideration. Be flexible with the options and creative with your choices.


  1. Shopping at the Last Minute

Brides-to-be often start shopping for bridesmaid dresses at the last minute. Don’t make this mistake. Finding the perfect dresses, ordering and getting them delivered take time. So, based on this, start your bridesmaid dress shopping. But don’t shop too early. Many things can change with time. You may find that some girls lose weight, while one announces her pregnancy. All these factors can affect your dress choices. So, restrict yourself from shopping earlier than 6 months of your D-day.


Shopping for stylish and comfortable bridesmaid dresses and ensuring that each of your girls is happy, is not easy. But you can make it an enjoyable yet fruitful experience if you avoid the mentioned mistakes. The wide collection of burgundy dresses will definitely please you and your girls. And even if your budget is low, you don’t need to worry. You can choose cheap bridesmaid dresses and let your girls dazzle at the party. Shop now!