6 Do’s and Don’ts for Buying Sparkly Prom Dresses

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Are you planning to buy a sparkly dress to wear this prom? These dresses are sleek, colorful and when styled properly, it will make you a fashion diva. At times, these dresses can make your look more elegant and show your style statement while at others you may look like a disco light ball in the dress. So, you have to very careful when picking a sparkly dress for your prom party.

Are you a little nervous and worried about how to pick the right dress from so many sparkly prom dresses in the store? Check out the lost below for sequin do’s and don’ts and shop confidently.

Do mix and match fabrics

There are no such golden rules that say your sequin party dress needs to be all sequins from neckline to hem. Why not try something different? Mix and match fabrics and see the magic. Try semi-formal dresses with sequined bodices and tulle skirts or two-pieces party dresses with halter tops and sequined pencil skirts.

Don’t go overboard

Your sequin dress is the attention grabber and helps to show a fashion statement. Many girls add a sequined clutch, sequined shoes, and other glittering things in their look. Don’t do so – it will kill your look. You want to please the eyes when you wear a sequin dress, not blind them. Choose the makeup and accessories that will complement the dress.

Do explore the rainbow

Sequin dresses don’t have to stick to classic metallic tones like gold and silver. Sequin comes in a variety of shades, so, find a hue that will complement your coloring. From chic ivory to bold red to subtle pink or purple sequins, find the color that will be the right fit for you.

Don’t impersonate too many colors

As the sparkle already grasps the eye, choose one main color for your sequin dress and two other complementary shades for your accessories. Too many colors, like too many features, ruin the entire look. Less is more here.

Do differentiate day and nightwear

Sequin dresses that are suitable as daywear are not perfect for an evening gala or night party. Dresses with subtle sequin embellishments or lace dresses with a scattering of sequins can brighten up your days but not night. For a night out, you can explore all the shops and then pick a fancy party dress with all-over sequins.

Don’t forget your event

When choosing dresses, you should not forget to keep the formality of the occasion and venue in mind, as it will help you to choose the right amount of sequin goodness. A sequin gown that you have bought for a fancy wedding reception will not be the right choice for a prom party. Buy a formal sequin gown and wear it at the prom party.

So, when you go for buying sequin prom dresses from a store that also offers cheap wedding dresses, keep these tips in mind. And ensure to stick to the fashion do’s and avoid the fashion don’ts to get a classy and polished look at the party.

Author bio: David Miller is a fashion blogger, who often writes on cheap wedding dresses. Here, he has penned down a few do’s and don’ts that you should follow when buying sparkly prom dresses.