Mermaid vs. Trumpet: Which one to Purchase for Making Your Prom more Special?

While browsing through the collection of different styles, you must have heard of mermaid or trumpet style. To your amateur eyes, both the styles looked nothing but identical. But, you may wonder why there is a need to use two different names, then? Of course, there’s a difference between the two styles.

Now the prom dress is a huge investment in every young girl’s life. The special night is a glimpse of your high school career and a huge leap to embrace your adulthood. This is a basic step to enhance your fashion sense which will work come super handy in your college life and professional sector, as well.

For this very reason, you should start to grasp the distinction between mermaid and trumpet from now. Then you can wear this outfit in upcoming gala events as well. Without any further ado, stop racking your brain with the fashion jargons, here’s a solution to it. To know more about how mermaid prom dresses differ from the regular trumpet gowns, read on.

Specialty of Mermaid Gown

Giving out a dramatic vibe, the mermaid gowns are the best for enhancing your curves. The dresses come with a flared skirt. Not to miss the sheer detailing that makes you stand out from the crowd. So, the fit & flare style stays tight above the upper portion of your legs and around your knees. Then it flares out. For everyone growing up with Disney classics, it is the closest you can get to look just like a Disney Princess (you’ve guessed the name right, Ariel!).

This is the perfect way to add ‘wow’ factor to the entire outfit. The mermaid tail resembles a fashionable illusion. Your legs are pulled together. And this is the key feature along with the abrupt style of skirt’s flare.

Specialty of Trumpet Dresses

The trumpet gowns are not as popular as mermaid dresses because the flared silhouette starts around your hips. Here, the former offers a snug fit on your body till it reaches your mid-thigh. Then you can notice the open skirt style as it takes the trumpet shape. Now the flaring point above the mid-thigh area creates the main difference comparing to other designs.

So, if you want a dress hugging tightly all the right places of your body, this is your cue. No other dress can gradually flare outward like this one. Now coming to your question, the size of the flares creates the main difference. The trumpet dresses do not have the dramatic flare like the mermaid ones. Again, the latter does not flare out gently just like the former.

Mobility is a Factor

The mermaid dresses are not well-known for giving much space to dancing or walking. They make it more difficult to move around. On the contrary, the trumpet dresses are a better option because the flare is below your hips. That’s why, you should plan ahead your prom day or carry another dress to twirl around all the night.

Which one is a Popular Choice?

When it comes to the final choice, the mermaid dresses outplay the trumpet gowns. Whether you have a petite or hourglass figure, the mermaid dresses are suitable for all. The alluring effect goes perfectly with the modern touch. Due to the snug fit around your body, the ruching and flattering tapering style can complement your bust as well. Creating a dramatically stunning look, the daring neckline stays on the verge of modesty, too. Also, the dress is more fitted than a trumpet dress. So, the mermaid gowns make a fashion statement.

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Author bio: Jillian Otis is a fashion blogger focusing on giving out useful tips on red prom dresses and helping teenagers look simply amazing. Here, she discusses the key points that create the difference between mermaid prom dresses and trumpet gowns.