Military Inspired Watches That Look Stylish On and Off the Battlefield

They are practical, athletic and durable pieces that are a tougher breed apart; allowing you to flow with the messiest to the merriest of conditions.

Why would you want a military watch?

As I was going through the newest online collections, the question came from someone I am pretty close to, despite our M-A-J-O-R differences in thoughts, preferences, and actions. But that’s what keeps the ball rolling and it exposed us both to things we never thought to exist. The list is quite long so for now, we focus upon wrist-watches and below I give out what I think about military-styled functional wrist-wear. Honestly.

An old saying in the watch-lovers’ circuit claims that a watch is an extension of your persona, which in turn, defines your style and finally, becomes an extension of your own. So, when someone chooses a particular model (not deliberately, that is – and sometimes, even that too), it can be said that somewhere in his or her psychological setup, there is an affinity towards the kind of lifestyle that particular timepiece is meant for. Whether it’s charming a lady under the chandelier or parachuting on a pitch-dark night; your watch tells everyone around what you want out of it.

So, coming back to the military watch; it is an overt statement that you are inclined towards the rugged, adventurous and perilous side of life; that you are a tough guy at heart, body, and mind. The problem is: Not every military watch is going to portray that fully. That’s why G-Shock watches Australia came up with a list of Casio watches fit for military use. Goes without saying, they are enough for expeditions outside the military parameter too. This no-bullshit timepieceslook and perform their best under pressure; there’s nothing slack about the Casio G-Shock military watches and their distinctive, rugged aesthetics and features. Street-smart too.

Who are military watches meant for?

Special force personnel, mountaineers, rescue teams, hikers, adventurers and also for those into extreme sports.

What do they suffice for?

As tactical gears, backup systems; they provide more than just essential data about everything pertaining to a smooth operation.

Common features

  • • Easy to read irrespective of weather/environmental conditions.
  • • Can withstand repeated shocks resulting fromconcussions, impacts and vibrations.
  • • Are water resistant to insane degrees.
  • • Unbreakableglass, straps and bodies.
Who is better and who is the best?

G-Shock watches recommends the best military and tactical watches from Casio, which can survive apocalypses, no matter how worse they are.

Casio G-Shock Analog-Digital GA-110DC-2A 200M Men’s Watch: This is another example of G-SHOCK setting new standards for toughness, versatility, and precision. The denim design motif is certainly not what you are going to flaunt at the warfront; but on the streets, denim’s popularity as a standard, casual fashion item can’t be denied. The 1/1000th-second stopwatch and ISO764 class magnetic resistance with 200 meters of WR are going to take you to heights you probably never thought to reach.

Casio G-Shock Analog-Digital Shock Resistant 200M GA-100BBN-1A Men’s Watch: A full bunch of powerful functions configured to withstand rigorous work and demanding environmental conditions, its CORDURA fabric band is stronger and lighter than nylon. The monotone coloring imparts a bold, powerful look that matches its tough built every bit.

Casio Illuminator G-Shock Shock Resistant Analog Digital GA-700CM-8A GA700CM8A 200M Men’s Watch: G-SHOCK incorporates a world-culture icon into an exciting new design – a camouflage pattern – that’s as effective on a mission as on the fashion highway. The stopwatch has a target-time alarm, while its super Illuminator lighting system and Hand-shift feature brings maximum visibility under any given condition.

Casio G-Shock Analog-Digital 200M GA-100GBX-1A4 GA100GBX-1A4 Men’s Watch: The big case G-Shock comes with new color additions over the basic G-SHOCK black and equipped with a stopwatch, a countdown timer, multiple alarms and the standard 200m of water resistance.

Casio G-Shock Analog-Digital GA-100CB-1A Men’s Watch: This is an original extra-Large ana-digi model with a camouflaged new look and a shinier-than-before black band and hands that light up whenever the backlight is turned on. The 1/1000thsecond stopwatch is the most precise stopwatch in the world and a favorite to the judges at the Tour de France due to its additional benefit of predicting your speed.

Which one should you go for?

Aesthetically: That’s for none to say.

Technically: See in what ways those features and functions fit into your everyday lives and outdoor vacation sprees.

Style: Only for the tough and rugged with wrist sizes 7 inches and above.

Caution: Not to be worn with formals. The minimum is golf or tennis attire. Highest are extreme sports/professional suits with high-impact resistance. Heavy machinery works are very well supported.