Why & How To Resize A Ring: All You Need To Know

how to resize a ring

Why Is Ring Resizing Sometimes Necessary?

Most of the people don’t know what ring size they should go for when buying an engagement ring, a wedding, or a ring for daily use. Ring resizing is necessary because receiving an engagement ring is usually a surprise, and surprises can go pretty wrong if you get the wrong size. People gain and lose weight, which can make a ring too tight or too loose. These issues make ring resizing services all the more significant.

Which Rings Can & Cannot Be Resized?

Most of the rings made with precious metals can be resized, but many rings cant, for example- rings made of tungsten carbide, titanium, or stainless steel. So, you should always be sure of your ring size while ordering rings made with these metals. Eternity rings with lots of gemstones on the entire band rings with tension setting cannot be resized. They can break or lose form if you try to resize them. Sometimes, even the gemstones can fall out.

How Much Does Ring Resizing Cost?

The ring resizing cost depends upon the metal of the ring- the denser and more expensive the metal is the more is the ring resizing cost. The price can go even higher if you add more metal in case of increasing the ring size.

Resizing cost of a sterling silver ring can cost you from $15 to $40. Whereas, you will have to shell out $50 to $75 for resizing a ring made of 14k gold or rose gold. These prices can vary with an increase in the purity of gold. A platinum ring resizing will also cost you almost the same as gold.

How To Adjust Ring Size?

When you think of resizing a ring, many questions may come in your mind how to resize it, where should you resize it, can you adjust the ring size at home, and what are the resize ring DIYs, etc.

There are many ways to resize a ring- you can go to the nearby (but trusted) jeweler, or you can follow some ring resizing DIYs at home. But be careful because doing a jeweler’s work at home will not be easy.

How Does A Jeweler Resize A Ring?

There are many ways through which jewelers can make the ring fit. Read about some of them below.

1. Cutting & Adjusting Method

Jeweler’s cut the ring to up or down the size of the rings. And then make a mark on the ring to resize it to a smaller or bigger size. After making the mark, they heat the metal at an appropriate temperature and add or remove a chunk of metal to resize the ring according to your requirements.

After this process, he polishes the ring to make it beautiful like it was before. Ring resizing looks simple, but it is actually very complicated. Never go to a jeweler who doesn’t have experience because they can harm your beautiful ring if they do not know what exactly they are doing.

2. Sizing Balls

Jewelers have another trick up their sleeve. They use small metal balls to resize rings. These metals balls are heated and permanently attached to the inside of the band. This method is easier and takes less time, but the metal balls can be hurtful for you while removing, wearing, and keeping it on for a long time.

3. Ring Enlarger

A conical tool may also be used by jewelers to enlarge the ring. Jewelers put the ring on the device from the narrower side and push it using a hammer towards the broader base until they achieve the required size. The hammer knocks may cause your ring to lose its smooth finish, which will then be regained by sanding and polishing it.

This method may not be preferable for many because some metal is lost during sanding making the ring’s band a little thinner.

What Are Some Ring Resizing DIY Methods?

There are many ways of ring resizing at home. You can use these DIY’s to make a ring’s size smaller or bigger when you don’t want to spend on a jeweler.

1. Use A Ring Clip/Size Adjuster

how to resize a ring at home

You can buy a ring clip to make your ring fit in any finger you want. Just place it inside the band and fold the wings of the clip at the bottom. Ring clips can be made of gold, silver, or any other metal, and they are available on Amazon.

2. Plastic Ring Snuggies

how much does it cost to resize a ring

Ring snuggies are the best option for you if you want to save money and time. They are made of plastic; this is why they are dirt cheap. You can put the ring snuggies at the bottom of the ring band and wear it to experience a better fitting.

3. Use Hot Glue Gun

where to resize a ring

You can use hot glue gun or some strong glue that won’t affect your ring to decrease its size. Just apply the glue on the inside of the band (preferably at the bottom) and wait for it to dry. Apply clear nail polish over it to avoid any allergies.

4. Use Adhesive Tape

how to resize a ring

You can use an adhesive tape by cutting it into narrower sizes so that it can fit inside the ring’s band at the bottom. Layer the tape as per the thickness you want on the inside of the band. Apply clear nail polish over the tape so that it won’t cause any allergy or leave a mark on your finger.

5. Use wine stopper

how to resize a ring

If you want to make your ring larger and don’t want to spend a lot of money, then this method is best for you. Just take a wine stopper and put your ring on it from the narrow end and push it towards the wide end gently with the small hammer or rubber mallet until you get your correct size. This method is similar to using the tool (see ‘Ring Enlarger’) that jewelers have and a rubber mallet will make sure there are no dents on your ring,


If you don’t know your ring size or you are going through some body changes, then buy the ring in a large size. Resizing ring to a smaller size is simple and not very expensive but increasing the size can get complicated and costly. If you want it to last for a longer time, then you should not resize your ring too many times because the integrity of the ring can take a tumble to make it weaker.

It can also make your ring lose its natural shine because of the damage done to the metal. So, always remember to resize your ring only if it is absolutely necessary because any changes made to the original ring will not let it be the same.