Tips that you should have Remembered before Ordering Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses

Wedding is an extravagant affair. Bling, glitz, and glitter – everything is sparkly then. When you are serving as a bridesmaid, you need such a dramatic effect. And, nothing could beat the power of sequins. Sequins put a glamorous touch in everything. Your dress will not be an exception.

However, the journey may not be super easy. There are ups and downs because you do not want to turn into a disco ball, either. The path between cheap and sophisticated is hard to figure out. Needless to say, you need to learn about how to wear embellished gowns. Go through the following section to know more.

Do not Forget about Body Type

Before trying out the sequin bridesmaid dresses, you need to consider your body type. Often, the sequins add a little bit of volume to the silhouette. If you can find a dress embellished with light sequins, the dress will add a slim effect. Again, if the dress has half sequins on it, there will be a balancing effect. Also, there will not be a surplus amount of sequins. If you are little curvy, a flattering look with glittery effect may work out. Make sure that the bodice follows princess-cut and the skirt has sequins in it. Again, if you are pear-shaped, the bodice must have sequins on it. And, the skirt will be of chiffon fabric.

Do Think about the Dress Color

Sequins are very delicate. For a traditional wedding, it is important to take extra care. If you pick the dress in the wrong shade, things may not go as planned. So, do you love the color fuchsia? You cannot instantly pick out a fuchsia dress with sequins right away. Sequins cannot stand out alone. The right dress color matters a lot. Hence, the bling pays off when the dress shade is gold or rose-gold. Stay away from the bright colors. The sequins and bright colors do not exactly go hand in hand.

Do not Overdose with Sequins

Many people make a huge mistake by choosing too much of big sequins. Sequins on the neck, sequins on back, and sequins everywhere – the sight may not be as alluring as you imagined. On the contrary, it is a poor choice of design. So, pick a dress that has put the sequins gently. Not everywhere, as it should be. Often, the sequined neckline attempts to create an illusion of a necklace. Sequins used like that never works out really. Other people at the altar will be blinded by such glimmer and shine.

Do Maintain Low-Key Accessories

For a reception, the sequins are ideal. But, the problem may arise during the wedding. It is important to use only minimal accessories. If you are sporting an off-shoulder dress, a sleek neckpiece would be a smart choice. Going low-key can turn heads because all eyes will be on your dress only. Additionally, sequins are never bland or boring. The glimmering effect can outshine any chunky jewelry.

So, are you ready to don gold sequin bridesmaid dresses? Browse through the latest collection and pick your favorite one.

Author bio: Mary Abernathy is a fashion blogger who has a thorough knowledge of how to wear gold sequin bridesmaid dresses. Here, she discusses the main do’s and don’ts that you cannot miss out with sequin bridesmaid dresses.