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Myths about Common Cold Everyone Must Know

Runny nose? Headache? Sore throat? Coughing?

We know what those symptoms mean. It is a common cold. The season of the flu is over here. And each one of us has a common cold at least once through the season.

Colds are the leading cause of why we visit the doctor. Often we are told not to take wash hair with cold water, keep a handkerchief from spreading it to others, and many more things.

Are these rumors for real? Some of them might be true. Other than that, they are myths.

In this blog, we have mentioned down myths about common cold everyone must know. To know more, keep scrolling!

1. A bowl of Chicken Soup

As soon as we are having a common cold, everyone tells us to have a bowl of hot chicken soup. While it may feel good for the sore throat there is no superpower of curing a cold. The chicken soup gives the temporary soothing effect to the throat.

2. Wet Hair

Whenever you are having a common cold, you are suggested not to wash the hair and go out with the wet hair. You should also not take shower with cold water. The cold water will result in the runny nose and colder.

3. Say NO to Dairy Products

Another myth that we are told is to avoid eating dairy products like cheese, milk, and ice creams. It causes more coughing. It is not true. The fact is that the dairy products thicken the mucus.

4. Over-eating

Forcefully eating healthy food will not help in curing a common cold. What’s essential is to stay hydrated and get plenty of rest.

5. Catching Cold from Getting Cold

Thanks to the internet, most people are aware that it’s the viruses that cause colds. But there are people who believe that going out in cold will get you cold. The sole reason why people believe they notice people getting cold in the colder months.

6. Cold can turn into Flu

No, the cold does not turn into the flu. In fact, different viruses cause cold and flu. However, the cold might result in an infection or respiratory tract disease. If the symptoms worsen like breathing problem then one must consult the doctor and go for clinical trial and medical monitoring. Flu is worse than the cold. It has adverse symptoms.

7. Sinus Infection

If you have a cold that lasts for more than seven days, then it results in the sinus infection.

8. Wearing Coat

Viruses cause cold. It is true that they do circulate during the winter. You are more likely told to wear the coat while going outside to prevent the common cold. One of many reasons for catching a cold is by staying inside the home.

Doing more physical activities during the season outside the home will prevent you from the sickness.

9. Antibiotics Cure the Common Cold

Antibiotics never help in curing a cold. For one they are for the bacteria. While most of the cold is caused by different viruses. In fact, the antibiotics can worsen the situation by killing the good bacteria. It also gives you many side effects like diarrhea and of course yeast infections.

10. Vicks VapoRub helps in Curing the Cold

A myth that circulated over the internet was Vicks VapoRub cures a cold. It was also recommended to put on the feet child and cover them up with the socks to prevent the coughing.

It turned into an internet sensation. Generally, the Vicks VapoRub is applied to the sore throat and the chest that gives relief in the coughing symptoms.

11. Sweating Out

Covering yourself up with heaps of blankets will not cure a common cold. The cold is caused by multiple viruses and it takes several days or weeks to recover fully.

So, that was all about the myths related to the common cold. In the above-written blog, we have only mentioned a few of them. There are tons of different myths. Time and again we are asked to follow all of these myths. If you like the blog, then please do share and drop your suggestions in the comment section.