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10 Ways To Decorate A Sun-room In Summer For Relax

Enjoying summer as it is the happiest time of the year can’t be a wrong notion but to go out on a beach every day and lying on the soft sandy surface to relax is not practical. We are not living in the age where people can just drive to their favorite spot weekly and have the required relaxing moments a person wants at the end of every stressful week. However, having cozy and dreamy sun-room is possible and you don’t need a huge house for adding a sun-room, an old small unused room can be transformed into a sun-room as well.

Here are some cool ideas for home renovation in West-field NJ to enjoy the soft warmth of sun everyday:

1. Simple and rough look for the room

To have a rough and outdoorsy look for the sun room you can always use some materials that are usually installed in the exterior of a house. These include roughly painted wooden planks and some other metallic embellishments like flower stands etc.

2. Embellish the windows properly

Giving the windows a contemporary feel with addition of wooden frames that look like a painting frame. This will make the windows a prominent and most decorative item in the room and minimalistic furniture and floor rugs will become a perfect combination for the room. This is just one way to look at home additions, you can also use painted colorful frames for the windows.

3. Use fresh and dynamic colors

A refreshing pop of color in the room can make the sunlight more charming as it hit the walls. Pearly finish for the walls with a bright matte paint on one wall can give a perfect balance to the place. The examples of colors which can look great are royal blue, green, and sapphire.

4. Keep the room like a natural habitat

Add more nature to the room by using incorporating small plants and a good amount of art pieces made of dry wood. You can also find the naturalistic furniture designs for the home renovation or customize the old one to look more like a natural theme park.

5. Make it a part of the Living room

It is not essential that you use a separate room as the sun area, if you have a bigger living room then divide it into sections. Incorporate more windows on one end of the room and enjoy the perfect blend of these two areas without constructing something new.

6. Expose the room to all possible light

What are you thinking of the sun-room does not have enough glass in the wall? It should actually be a full glass wall but ideally it is not practical in most of the areas. Maximize the amount of sunlight pouring inside the house with gorgeous windows.

7. A small but complete Sun-room design

Are you thinking: “I need to call the best renovation company near me to get a huge sun-room”? This can be a big hassle and you will need a lot of finances for the project. This is a wrong concept that sun-room need to be big and spacious.

8. Utilize the shed area as a sun-room

Thinking of having no sun-room and becoming sad is no way to go about life. You need to improvise things to adjust the needs and dreams. Use the shed area to form a sun room by adding an affordable light weight structure and some simple furniture. This will be enough to get you a perfect sun-room to enjoy in the sunny days.

9. Simple monochrome theme

This trend will never get old that you get to use two colors and most probably while and black to adorn the sun room which always perfect because the sunlight is absorbed in black and reflected by white. The walls and furnishing of the room can provide a temperature regulation for the room.

10. Add a fireplace to enjoy winters as well

If you are interested in using the space for winters as well then add a fireplace that can make the room functional for winters. Get some affordable and thick curtains to form a cozy area to relax and read in the chill of winters.