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12 Unique Ideas and Tricks to Plan Your U-Shaped Kitchen

U-Shaped Kitchen

The versatility of a kitchen lies in its design regardless of size and style. The U-shaped kitchens are most adaptive in designs to choose for your home, especially if you have a small kitchen area. They can give an extra run to your storage and spacing instead of other kitchen designs like L-shaped. However, if your room width allows, you can combine your u-shaped kitchen with the dining area and island style.

The structure of the u-shaped is characterized by the brilliant triangle idea. So, when you start planning, make sure there is enough space to move. Keep your refrigerator, cooker, and sink in the range of 120cms and almost double the space gap from each other. This will allow you to utilize your space safely and usefully with time efficiency which is sometimes tough to achieve in larger kitchen areas like gallery kitchen.

When designing your u-shaped kitchen, always follow the size and light level of the room to maintain its look, style, and shade. For example, in a little space with a central window, designers more adhere to choose a white theme. On the other note, larger kitchens are perfect to handle dark themes. The main reason for choosing a white-colored theme in small kitchens is to keep the light level up.

Also, while planning, be guided with all the pros and cons, queries like how much does a kitchen renovation cost or any such similar ideas. Be sure to work on your budget with the right plan and design of the kitchen. For your help, here are some tips and ideas for making U-shaped kitchens:

1. Give it a smart look

The modern design features follow the conventional units with one window and one wall. The rest have the peninsula area to run the storage without needing a third wall. Having one side open is a great solution to define a kitchen in a screening view. Moreover, your kitchen will look smart enough.

However, if you wish to add the third wall it will also look great. In case, your kitchen area is in the place where you need some separation from the rest of the house part, a three-walled u-shaped kitchen with a door looks amazing.

2. Think minimal

An amazing all-white area designed in the U-shaped style looks perfect. Here the thing to remind us that a simple kitchen area looks more elegant with a minimal approach. If you add a floor-to-ceiling unit in the center of one wall and two island units facing each other, it will add beauty. But it is just an example to follow. There are many other designs that simply fill elegance to your kitchen. Choosing white cabinetry with the same colored roofs, dividers, and floor gives an impression of a compact U-shaped design that looks gradually wide to move in the kitchen.

3. A little dark theme

Well, just like the whole white and light theme mentioned above, a little dark will also suit your space. Depending on the size of the room, especially for bigger or medium-sized kitchens, a dark-colored theme looks great. Plus, if you have a large area, you can impose your diner ideas in it. Here the U-shaped style is well considered with the dining area. It is easy to incorporate a table and chairs where the kitchen area ends. It should be placed at the opposite of the center slab of the U-shaped style.

The dark wood cabinets and furniture with white ceilings and walls surrounding the kitchen area look simple but elegant. This kitchen will look smart and demonstrate a very individual approach to design and style.

4. Utilize every small space

Transform your cook room into a U-shaped kitchen by utilizing every available corner. Continue the design with the run of divider units on the center walls for a characterized, well-planned space that benefits as much as possible from all accessible space without feeling squeezed. Here in smaller spaces, the white shade looks gloomy and should be tempered by the warmth of the woods.

If your kitchen space is less, utilizing each corner would be beneficial for increasing storage capacity. Add upper side cabinets joining the ceilings where you can put your jar boxes with kitchen essentials. These upside storages can allow you to perfectly fit your dishwasher and refrigerator in the kitchen.

5. Set up a morning meal station

Stretch out a worktop to frame a breakfast bar and the third side of a U-shaped kitchen. Free from any walls, a morning meal bar can be widening to a kitchen space out into the focal point of a room. Incorporate kitchen and living area with the utilization of solitary floor treatment and by presenting components of kitchen storage outside of boundaries will widen up your area.

Here you can add open racks for wine and water glasses. Add contrasting chairs to the breakfast bar set up at one side of the U-shaped kitchen. The area with the dining facility looks wider and easy to work in. Also, this design is more budget-friendly and smart.

6. Think differently

Even if your house is shaped in a long open area, the U-shaped kitchen simply fits in it. Add a couple of right-angled units with each end of the main storage. This structures a shallow U shape but its design defines a very perfect kitchen area that is practically wider and has some entertaining area beyond.

In such a design, the central working area slab is wider than its right and left ends. You can keep a dining table and chairs in front of it for your easy use. Shortening the returns of the U shape design can help you to combine your kitchen and dining area well. This type of kitchens usually remains open and don’t require any kind of doors but windows at one side for ventilation purpose. The right plan for your kitchen can save your space and money very well.

7. Plan around a window

Planning around the window is another good trick to opt for. In this U-shaped kitchen, a wide window is the focal point of the design, occupying the space with light and flaunting matt-finish units, rich wood, and coated tiles in their best shade. The use of wood on the floor and worktops will ring a warmth and comfort to the design.

Use your window in the best way to ventilate your kitchen room. Adding a gas burner would be good or you can go by putting your dishwasher there. Do not make any kind of storages on the window side as it will stop the natural light to enter into the room. You can also make a theme window that best suited to your space. Adding some plants there will look beautiful.

8. Add an island-style unit

In small kitchen spaces, you may like to have the vibe of a U-shaped style by swapping its one long unit on one side just like in island style. This will make your space more usable and is particularly valuable if your kitchen joins a back door also. Try to take full advantage of your compact space to showcase your personality within. Add some indoor plants to feel nature’s touch and a chair on a short unit’s end to maximize its use.

9. Try colors and patterns

Different colors and patterns in the kitchen make it more elegant and defining. You can swap the unit with open shelves, particularly to the height of the cabinets to make your space more useable. Using a contrasting pattern of colors help you to disguise the low points in your kitchen and highlight the upper units.

One example is if you paint the whole kitchen in a white theme, adding a flowery pattern in any color over small appliances will highlight them. Same way, the kitchen linen, and other accessories in patterns and colors add warmth and get noticed.

10. Be smart with storage

In U-shaped kitchens, transform your tricky areas into corner storage for accessories. It helps you to reach the contents of the cupboard easily. You can also try some hidden storages to make your space more efficient. In small kitchens where space is less, hidden storage will be an advantageous move.

Make open small shelves in the corners and use the ceiling part to add more cabinets downwards. Play with tricky schemes for the best utilization of your space.

11. Tower units

Another trick to let the most of your wall area offers plenty of storage is the making of tower units. Add some tricky open shelves to carry your tin boxes and packets at full height with a pull and swing larder. It helps you make your kitchen clutter-free and well organized.

These days, tower units are more opted to make the kitchens more efficient in storages. These units help one to organize all the boxes and necessities inefficient manner and easy to pick up.

12. Plan chimneys and windows

Well, U-shaped kitchens are the most adaptive and as above said, they can offer you plenty of design features. But to make your design more interesting and useful, it is up to you how you utilize your space in a good manner. The chimneys and windows can be trickier to design in U-shaped kitchens but how you plan these two that they fit in their own right is more important.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you make your U-shaped kitchen more elegant and enliven.

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