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5 Ways to Keep Thieves Out of Your Garage

Keep Thieves Out

When it comes to the security of a home to make it burglar-proof, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money buying security stuff to keep your home safe. But you can also do it without breaking the bank. Such as you choose affordable garage door installation that is secure enough to protect your belongings while living in Stockton CA.

It is not obvious to use state of the art home security systems to make your homes burglar-free, you can opt for some inexpensive ways to secure home. Even if you have a great huge budget for home security, it will be a foolish decision to go for expensive security systems when you can do it without spending money.

Let’s discuss 6 inexpensive ways to make your home burglar-proof and secure.

Lock Your Doors And Windows Properly

It is one the simplest but quite good habits to follow to keep your home secure. Previous statics have shown that most burglaries and thefts are because of unlocked houses because most burglars look for easy targets so they can easily do their work. It is common that most thefts happen between 10 am to 3 pm as you go on your work in a hurry and most of the time you forget to lock your doors and windows.

This is the main time when b burglars enter your home and complete the burglary within 8 to 10 minutes. So, it is suggested to make a habit of locking your doors and windows properly so you can secure your home.

Upgrade Your Locks To Latest Technology

It is also another inexpensive way to secure your home from burglars. If your locks are damaged or need replacement, it is important to upgrade your locks as soon as possible. Such as if your garage door lock is malfunctioning, it can be a great threat to the security of your home. You should call for a local garage door installation services to get your garage door and locks fixed so you can safe your valuable items.

You should also pay close attention to all your exterior locks if they can be unlocked easily which means burglars can easily bump into your homes by opening the locks. So, you should opt for installing the latest technology locks that can keep your doors and windows locked properly.

StrengthenThe Hardware And Locks Of Doors

Sometimes your locks are strong but the hardware is weak and flimsy that burglars easily break your doors and windows to enter your home. So, it can be another inexpensive way to make your doors, windows, and hardware strong enough for the protection of your home. Consider changing the doors of your first floor to replace it if needed. You can also choose to install a security bar or change door hardware with the proper installation using long screws that can make your doors firm.

Install Motion Sensing Lights

You can also change your regular lights with motion sensing light bulbs or add a motion detector adapter between the socket of your regular bulb. It will help in the detection of movements if there is any unusual thing happens around your property. Motion sensing lights will put the spotlight on the person trying to enter your home. Besides that, the visibility of motion sensing light will keep thieves away from inside out.

Hide Your Key In A Smart Place

Most people hide their lock keys under the mat or in the flower pot that you put next to your main door. It can be easy to find the key in such things and burglars may find the opportunity to easily enter your home. So, rather than hiding your key, it is suggested to give your extra keys to your trustworthy neighbor or find hiding places that are unexpected for anyone. You can also opt for installing an inexpensive combination lockbox in a concealed place.

Place Your Expensive Items Away From Sight

It can also be an inexpensive way of protecting the security of home to make it burglar free. Always keep your valuable items out of sights such as bikes, expensive tools, and other items that can be grabbed easily by thieves. Also, add curtains and blinds to your windows to hide the inside of your home as it can be a reason for burglary.

So, follow the above-mentioned ways for making your home burglar free as these are some of the inexpensive ways that do not cost much money and help you keep your homes safe and secure from burglary and thefts.

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