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6 Interesting Ways to Highlight Your Garden Fountain

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Outdoor fountains are an excellent addition to your outdoor living space. Available in different sizes and designs, and made out of different materials, a fountain can change the look and increase the value of your space.

When you purchase a fountain of your outdoor space, there are several ways to decorate it.  Here, we have pinpointed a few ways to highlight fountains Tasmania

  1. Add Colors with Flowers

When you want to add a blast of color to your single-color fountain, adding flowers will be the ideal choice for you. When planting beautiful flowers, you should consider the height of the flowers once they reach maturity. You won’t want the flowers to grow above the fountain and hide it. Generally, the area you plant with flowers should be the same shape as your fountain. For example, you can accent a circular area of flowers for a round garden fountain or a square area of flowers for a square fountain. By adding colors, beautiful flowers enhance the .look of your fountain.

  1. Increase Natural Look with Greenery

Another great way to highlight your garden fountain! Based on the hardiness zone for your area and the look you want to achieve, choose the type of greenery. Do you want to hide the base of the fountain? Go for Vining greenery, such as ivy. If you have planted shorter plants or flowers in place of the fountain, then consider adding greenery, which goes straight, such as mother-in-law’s tongue.

  1. Spice up Your Fountain with Herbs

When it comes to highlighting your fountain, people generally avoid the idea of adding fountains. It is because they thought it can’t be a good highlighter for the water element. But many garden fountains have a small bit of water, which splashes out of them. It offers the required moisture to plants that they need to grow. Another benefit of growing herbs around the fountain is that most of the herbs don’t grow high. So, you can show off the full fountain without much disguise.

  1. Ensure Year-Round Appeal with Pathways

Adding a pathway is enough to give an all-season appeal to the water element. In case you dwell in an area that generally sees snow, make sure you choose a pathway medium, which allows you to shovel the surface so you can visit the water element at any time of the year.

  1. Add a Personal Touch with Concrete Elements

Adding concrete garden ornaments is an easy and effective way to boost the look of your water elements instantly. From small to medium and large – concrete garden elements are available in various sizes and designs. Do you prefer a medium-size statue or a large size urn? Install it and see the change in the look.

  1. Make Your Water Element to Shine with Lighting

A fountain that is decorated with lights allows you to enjoy the beauty around-the-clock. And when it comes to lighting, you have seasonal options, including multi-colored to seasonal-colored lighting, or white lights. Consider the color of your fountain and the accents around the fountain when you select the type of lighting you want to install.

These are some of the ways following which help you highlight your fountain in your yard effectively. And if you want to create an indoor garden space, then buy different types of pots Melbourne. You have several choices. Consider the right one now!