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8 Steps to Decorate your New Born Baby Bedroom

New Born Baby Bedroom

When you’re finally bringing your baby home, you want to bring her/him into a room that diverges with all the love and warmth you feel. Decorating your newborn baby bedroom is the first and the foremost expression of love for the baby as most parents start doing it before the birth.you do not want the room to be simple or just a functional nursery. You want it to set the stage for your earliest memories with your kid that you’ll carry with you for a lifetime.

Of course, when it comes to decorating a baby bedroom, the first thing you come to mind is safety. You first think about the hygiene of your baby. Along with you want to give a comfortable and cozy environment for your baby. You should decorate the beautiful and amazing nursery for the baby.

6 main steps you should follow when you are planning to decorate your baby bedroom

1. Use bold colors and patterns:

As you all know the color of the walls determines the overall look of the room. The walls of the room are actually painted with neutral colors that are tranquil, like soft grays, creamy yellows, and light blue. You can also create a theme in the room which makes it more exciting and full of love. You can also use wallpaper which may be worth considering if you’re looking to design a baby’s room with plenty of personalities.

You should remember that you have to paint your little baby’s room at least two months before birth, also use an eco-friendly paint that is low in volatile organic compounds(VOC).

2. Find Your Furniture:

The furniture you choose will be the base for the decor of the restroom, so make sure you choose something effective and also comfortable. Babies do not need a lot of furniture, but there are some things which you will definitely need: a crib, a changing table, and a comfortable seat where you can cuddle and feed the baby. While you are choosing the baby’s crib, make sure about a comfortable sleeping environment for the baby, you should buy a simple and comfortable folding crib. Remember as your child outgrows these baby-specific things, you need to replace them.

Select modular furniture that can be used beyond the first year or you can just make some changes for further use. Many crib styles nowadays convert into children’s beds, choose one which may be utilized in the future as well.

3. Floors and Windows:

If your kid’s room has wood or tile floors, a rug will be useful, and it’ll also add a beautiful touch of style to the room. Just make sure to choose something that matches easily; with your wallpaper or color, you choose for the walls. Choose a plush area rug to give your baby a soft place to sit or crawl when it begins to learn.

A rug will also muffle the sounds of shoes and walks, as people may go into the room to check the baby. If the color of the room is largely neutral, you can introduce some color and pattern in your rug.

4. Install Storage:

It is very incredible how many things a small baby will need. Create a combination of easy storage, like baskets, cabinets, and drawers where clutter can be easily stored. You can also make shelves in your furniture which may have different blocks to classify the things which you may need for your baby. You will need to create a space that is beautiful, a loving-design for the adults to appreciate and a space that baby can grow into as well.

5. Add hanger rails to organize basic outfits

Any new mum knows that well it is not so easy to get a newborn baby ready for outside. You have to be very ready for any occasion at any time. You can have hanger rails on the wall with some designing patterns, where you can change your baby’s clothes or nappies easily. They will not fall around, or clutter here and there.

6. Add a Comfortable Area for Adults:

There should be a comfortable area for the adults too. Adults tend to spend time in the baby’s room to get the baby to sleep or watch over the baby. Incorporate comfortable seating like a sofa or a daybed that encourages nap time for the parents, too.

7. Accessories:

The real fun comes when accessorizing the baby’s room. Give the room a personal touch by buying photos and wall paints. You can paint the stories on the wall carton paints and memories of your life journey.

8. Go For Gender Neutral Style

The task of designing and decorating your baby’s room before birth sometimes makes parents feel dizzy. However, if you see it positively, not knowing your kid’s gender is a good way to have an unbiased approach towards the whole experience. Make sure you design the room should be according to your personal tastes and also that goes well with the decors of the other parts of your house.

Your baby may not care what their room looks like, but your love is everything. That room will be my first home for your baby. And the space that welcomes them into the world should boast a calming, inviting, and fun atmosphere which is full of wonder. Of course, your baby’s room also needs to be functional and comfortable for you too. This all cot not only helps you to take good care of your newborn baby but also makes it easy to take him/her along with you anywhere and keep it comfortable in any situation.

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