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Advantages of a 5 Ton Gas Package Unit

A gas package unit, specifically a 5-ton gas package unit, is one of the many options at your disposal that you have for heating and cooling your home. They are also sometimes referred to as gas packs, and typically they contain a gas furnace for heating your home as well as an electric air conditioning unit for cooling it during the hotter months. For this reason, they are also sometimes known as packaged gas-electric units, and they have a couple of advantages over some other types of systems.

The chief benefit that they offer is in the fact that they are very effective at both heating and cooling. Whatever they might lack in outright energy efficiency they make up for in power. Whereas simple electric air conditioners with a heat strip can be used to heat your home, they are nowhere near as powerful as furnaces that burn natural gas or propane. For this reason, they are typically reserved for areas where is it very hot throughout most of the year and usually does not get too cold.

On the flipside, whereas some other homes have a heat pump packaged system for both heating and cooling, a heat pump is not as efficient at cooling as a traditional air conditioner package unit is. Therefore, while heat pump systems are very energy efficient, they lack the power of an air conditioning system; this is one of the other advantages of a 5-ton gas package unit.

Ultimately what this means is that a gas package unit of any size will provide more effective heating and cooling than any other equivalent alternative. They offer some additional benefits, however.

Many units like these are placed outside the home, which makes them ideal for people who do not have a lot of room inside their house. Whereas a split system has components inside and outside the home, most package units are housed fully outside next to the house, which saves a lot of space inside.

In addition, since they are both in the same space and are rarely housed in cramped quarters, this can vastly facilitate maintenance. Oftentimes maintenance fees are even higher than the energy bill, when they do arise, and having a system that can easily be serviced, albeit outside the home, can be a real bonus.

The other thing to keep in mind is that while one of these units, in general, is very powerful and effective, a 5-ton unit is even better at heating and cooling large spaces. If your home is very large you might need to conduct an energy audit to determine your specific needs, but you can work with an HVAC specialist on that.

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