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Easy Ways to Revamp Your Bathroom

Revamp Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a household and while a full bathroom renovation would be a dream, for some, it might not fit into their budget. Luckily there are several ways you can add a fresh, new touch to your bathroom without having to spend a hefty amount of change.

A full bathroom remodels can take anywhere from 2 to 4 or more weeks and can typically range from $8,000 to $12,000 in cost.

This article will highlight several ways to revamp your space without the hassle of doing a full bathroom remodel.

Fresh Coat of Paint

As with any room in a home, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. Painting is a quick and easy solution to give your bathroom a new look without having to replace tiles or add in wallpaper.

Try to opt for a neutral, bright color that can match with any design theme and bring light into space. A light color can make a room seem larger, which will be essential for those working with a tight area. Lighter colors also help reflect natural light which is needed in a bathroom.

If your bathroom walls are covered in tiles, you can paint them as well. Though it might not hold up as well as replacing them, it’s a great alternative if you have unattractive tiles that are outdated or appear as a distraction. Painting the tiles can be a quick fix until you can replace them.

Painting your cabinets is also an option if you don’t want to buy brand new ones, especially since the cost of new cabinets can get high.

You can opt for colored cabinets or a new wood finish, depending on the wood you’re currently working with. You can either use water-based paint or oil-based paint for this project. Typically, oil-based paints are more durable but may require more work. Do your research to see which option would work best for your design style.

New Lighting

Good lighting is essential in a bathroom and it should be well lit so you can see what you’re doing when combing your hair, doing your makeup, or checking out your outfit.

Not every bathroom has natural lighting, so it’s important to note what kind of light will work best for your space.

Remove outdated fixtures and replace them with modern ones. LED lights are great options as they can provide the feel of natural light, without being overly harsh or too dim.

The placement of the light fixtures will be key in assuring you are well lit. One overhead light above the mirror can create an unflattering shadow on your face, so consider adding additional lighting to create balance.

New Hardware

Little details are what can really pull the whole design together. You don’t want to make all these new upgrades only to be left with old, outdated fixtures.

New hardware is simple to do on your own as it just requires you to unscrew what you currently have and install new ones.

Try going with a liner cabinet handle that matches your existing décor and furniture. A sleek chrome finish is a popular option that tends to match most bathroom designs.

Most hardware comes in similar finishes, so you’ll be able to easily find one to match the rest of your décor.

Update Your Faucets

Though updating your faucet might be a bit pricier, it’s the perfect way to update the space, and still more affordable than a full remodel. A new waterspout can give a bathtub a whole new look. Though it’s a small touch, it can bring the design together.

New Flooring

Many people think flooring is a daunting task, but it can be very budget-friendly if done right. Vinyl tiles or vinyl wood planks are affordable and fairly easy to install on your own.

Laminate wood is another great option and can even be installed over your existing floors. The difference between vinyl and laminate wood flooring options is vinyl is made from plastic and laminate is made from wood products.

Vinyl is a great option for bathrooms as it has strong water resistance and tends to be cheaper than laminate.

Depending on your budget, either of these flooring options can take your bathroom design to the next level.

Get Organized

Clutter can pile up easily in a bathroom space, so to maximize the functionality of the bathroom make sure you are improving your storage.

Get rid of everything that you don’t need or is taking up extra space. Most clutter is caused by keeping too many items that you no longer need and don’t use. Getting rid of those will free up a lot of space on your counter and will make a huge difference.

For all the remaining items, add floating wall shelves and include decorative baskets to hide or collect any clutter or store towels and toilet paper. Even if you have a lot of items in your bathroom, it will not seem overly cluttered if the items are assembled in designated areas.

Add Accessories

Complete the feel of the space by adding accessories to heighten the relaxation experience and give your bathroom a homey feel.

Add a shower curtain to brighten the room and tie it all together. Shower curtains are great options to hide unattractive shower doors or other shower accessories, so they’re not visible when you have guests.
Find places to add small flowers or succulents, candles or a diffuser, soap dispensers, and fresh new towels. Accessories should not take away from the functionality of the space, but rather add a finishing touch.


Updating your bathroom does not have to be an extensive process. Revamping the space can be a fun project you can take on that can even add value to your home.

The simple changes mentioned in this article can help you create an updated, inviting and relaxing bathroom space for you or your guests, without spending a fortune.

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