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How An Electrical Contractor Can Revamp Your Home

According to the Home Advisor estimate it costs around $40K to remodel multiple rooms. When so much money and (not to forget) planning goes into home improvement, it is important that you give enough consideration to every aspect of your home improvement project. It makes no sense for you to spend $50K on kitchen remodeling if the entire budget for your home improvement project is $70K. Thus it is essential to budget it out — to the tiniest detail. While you are doing this, make sure that you don’t overlook any aspect of a home improvement project. Some things like flooring, ceiling, carpeting, painting, and woodwork (furniture) tend to receive a LOT of attention and money because they are the most visible, obvious, and in-your-face parts of your home improvement project. Let’s see why you need to hire an electrical contractor like the Response Electricians team and how they can completely change the way (for better) you can revamp your home:

Impeccable Lighting Solutions That Make Your Home Shine

Did you know that the colour of the light can have an impact on your mood? This is why the corporates tend to go with blue lights because it makes you stay awake and sharp, whereas pubs, cafes, and homes opt for warm lights such as orange because it is not harsh on your eyes. It would not be possible to research all this on your own, but if you were to work with an electrical contractor, an expert domestic electrician, he/she would be able to offer such tailored lighting solutions.

An electrician will also tell you how halogen downlights are dangerous, which have caused a lot many home fires in the last few years alone. With this piece of information, when you are revamping your home you can look for better options such LEDs that will save you energy as well as money.

Furthermore, home lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can look for pendant lights that can highlight a nook and cranny of your home. You can also opt for table lamps to accentuate furniture such as study tables, desk drawers, and bedside accessories. Your electrician can help you to choose the best possible light on your home improvement project.

Structured Wiring That Is Safe & Per Law

Humans are visual animals. We like what we see, and we see what we like. So, if a piece of furniture such as an Eiffel Tower model crafted from the purest clay and studded with raw diamonds is going to be visible to the bare, naked eye, we will go ahead and buy it, even if it means wasting away a ridiculous amount of money. But if the option was to spend the same amount on rewiring and upgrading the whole wiring system of your house, you would maybe, take a step back, and say, ‘I need to think about it!” Well, don’t. Just say yes, because any sort of bad wiring can be fatal. In fact, faulty wiring can put the electricians behind the bar because it is considered equivalent to manslaughter. So make sure that you hire an efficient team of licensed electrical contractors such as Response Electricians who will check all the wiring of your house diligently and replace the old, frayed wires if the need be.

Since we live in a changing time, the required rules and regulations are often changed and updated. So an electrician would know what’s required by the law, how long the manufacturer recommends a cable’s life to be, and what needs to be done to fix it all. For example, earlier smoke alarms were not required by the law. But since 1997, smoke alarms are mandated by law in Western Australia.

Functional Electrical Appliances That Don’t Give You Headaches

While revamping your home, it is not wise to ignore the clunky electrical appliances if they are not working. Suppose your oven is stuck, you can take help of your electrician to ensure that it is in the best possible working condition.

Since modular kitchen comes with a lot of inbuilt electrical appliances and troubles of its own, this is the perfect time to make sure that everything is clean, neat and in perfect working condition. Your electrician can help you to service, check, replace, or install a brand new cooktop such that it has all the latest specs and works best for your needs.

Likewise, electrical chimneys are convenient but a pain to clean. While you are on your home improvement project, make sure that you upgrade the chimney to the latest model, one that is noiseless and most effective for your cooking needs. Ask your electrician for more such solutions and suggestions. Ideally, you should treat your electrical contractor as your electrical consultant on this home improvement project to get the best ideas!

Digitised Home — A Step Towards Embracing Smart-Home Revolution

Internet of Things has made it possible for all your gadgets and electrical appliances to talk to each other such that your alarm clock can tell your coffee machine that you will wake up at 5 am and that it should brew you a hot cup of coffee. Or, your Digital Calendar can speak into your oven’s ears that you’re likely to have your breakfast at 7:30 AM so it should pre-heat and be all ready for you to cook and microwave. It does sound like the stuff of the future, but smart home technology has arrived and it is here to stay. Even if it looks a bit daunting and scary, don’t be afraid to try it out. Engage with an electrical contractor who is an expert in the smart home technology such that everything is Bluetooth-enabled, WiFi-connected, and focusing on YOUR comfort.

What do you think — will an electrical contractor be able to help you to get the best possible home by ensuring an electrically-safe, functional, and technologically-sound home for you and your family? Do leave us a comment and share your thoughts! We would also appreciate pictures of your home improvement project. May you have the best time renovating your home; and hope it turns out to be everything that you dreamed of!

Author Bio: Elley Santhow is a blogger and works as an editor at Response Electricians. She loves to write about home improvement, electrical and technology.


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