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Four Incredible Ways to Dress Up Your Blank Walls

Dress Up Your Blank Walls

“Home should be an oratorio of the memory, singing to all our afterlife melodies and harmonies of old remembered joy.” –Henry Ward Beecher

Your homes should be a reflection of all the things you love. In a way, it should subtly reflect who its inhabitants are—after all, this is one effective way to inject character into a home. However, how do you maximize your space and ensure that your décor would look appropriate in your homes? Well, for one, you can utilize the blank walls in some areas of your home. After all, a blank wall is a blank canvass, and much like a home that has not been decorated yet, it is filled with a myriad of possibilities.

An empty wall can be an avenue to showcase your artwork, or it can be a shrine to display some of your most prized possessions. For other individuals, this can be an exhibit solely dedicated to showing the treasures of their collection or recycling some of the unused antiques into something that might even pass as contemporary art decors. Whatever that might be, the choice is up to you as you are the artist and this is your blank wall.

So, when you have walls that are looking rather glum and lonely whether you are in a lush and sophisticated home such as a condo in pasig or an empty flat somewhere, here are some ideas for your blank wall:

1. Rework your wardrobe

There is a likely chance that you have an assortment of items in your wardrobe you no longer use. Instead of throwing these away, put them to good use as they hold a wealth of potential when it comes to designing a blank wall. Sure, your scarves would not be the easiest sartorial accessory to pull off, but as graphic visuals, they are pretty straightforward and can add vibrant colors to what otherwise would have been a boring and blank wall. Look for scarves with interesting prints and simply frame them and hang them individually or grouped according to pattern or color.

2. Display your collection

In pulling off the grand scheme of your overall design, it all boils down to the little details of the décor you are utilizing. With this in mind, showcase your collection on the blank wall and make an impressive splash with it. Over the years, you might have curated some vintage plates or a collection of sugar skulls—anything! All these should not be left inside cabinets or attics where they would only be accumulating dust. No, these art collections should have their own unique gallery in your home in the form of a blank wall.

Display them proudly and forego the all-mounted cabinet display and just stick them to the wall directly. This contemporary and unconventional approach is not only bold and daring, but it adds more character to the home. Remember to mix it up rather than a match to avoid making a wall looking far to drab.

3. Incorporate the essence of nature

Take a hint or two from Mother Nature by integrating some natural elements into the decorative aspect of your home. One of the most popular ways to do this is to do a textured wall mosaic made up entirely of birch poles or the like. Ensure that the poles are sliced into disks and then glued to plywood panels. Do not get rid of the longer pieces right away as these can be used as hooks for artwork or bags. However, if birch poles are really not your thing, you can use your blank wall to hold your household plants for something a little more vibrant, cheery and sunnier. Make sure the blank wall is situated in a room that gets bathed in lots of natural light and has those plants sit atop vibrant colored brackets to make them visually pop.

4. Make it functional

Your décor does not simply have to be purely for aesthetic purposes—it can be functional too. Such as in the case of a home office, you can use the blank wall to be a giant-sized blackboard where you can write your plans for the entire month. To do this, transform your wall using a coat of chalkboard paint and from there, you can integrate whatever minimalist design you wish to add such as a simple wall clock by the side or the like. Not only is a huge wall blackboard quite a practical way to keep track of your daily commitments, but it also makes for an excellent conversation starter for guests who might be strolling in as well.