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How Does a Gas Packaged Unit Work?

With all of the terms that you will hear floating around, you might be wondering from time to time what they mean and how they work. If you are in the market for a new HVAC system, one of these such terms that you will almost certainly hear is a packaged unit. Some of these packaged units are gas packaged units, also called gas packs.

Gas packaged units, such as a 4 ton package unit in gas, are all in one systems for heating and cooling your home and differ slightly from some of the other units out there that accomplish the same purpose. Packaged units, for example, are designed for homes that don’t have a lot of room inside the home to accommodate the footprint of a condenser, furnace and air conditioner.

That makes them different from the split systems that have some of the components on the outside of a home while the air handler or the furnace or both are on the inside of the home. If you have ever seen a two part system on the outside of the home, there is a good chance you were looking at a package unit. In general, they work for homes without a lot of interior space and so they are fairly common.

There are many different types of packaged units, and each of them offers something slightly different in terms of energy efficiency and operability. For example, in addition to gas packs, there are packaged heat pumps, gas electric packaged units, as well as other options like dual-fuel systems. Herein we’re going to take a look at how the packaged unit works to keep your home comfortable.

In the summer when it is hot, the cooling component of a packaged unit works by pulling hot air into the unit and circulating it over an evaporator coil which contains refrigerant. This cools the air off, drawing energy out of it. The cool air, which has also had moisture removed from it, is then circulated back into the home where it can keep the occupants comfortable.

As for the heating component of a gas packaged system, this is where the term “gas” really matters. The cooling component is typically operated by electricity, as are many cooling systems. However, in a gas pack there will probably be a gas furnace which uses natural gas or propane to heat up air inside a heat exchanger. It draws air from inside your home, passes it through the heated heat exchanger, and then circulates it back through your home.

This process is unique to gas packs, as some electric units use heat strips and heat pumps remove the heat from the outside air before circulating it through your home, and therefore don’t rely on combustion to heat your home.

This is only a cursory overview of the operation of gas packaged units like a 4 ton package unit in gas, and if you want to learn more it is worth your while to work with a professional to answer your questions so you can settle on the right unit for your home. If you’re interested in learning more and want to get some quick answers, reach out the team at Budget Air Supply at 855-473-6484 and they’ll help you out.

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