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A home equipped with a security system? Is it good or bad?

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A home is considered the most secure place for anyone. And, having a new one equipped with the latest security system must be a pleasurable thing for a person. Of course no one wants to compromise with the safety of their family and valuables. So, when you are buying a new home, you take care of all the security essentials you need.

But is it a good idea or bad to buy a property already having security systems. Well, sometimes it’s really worth it because you don’t need to put extra effort to install a new system for its security. On the other hand, if you wish for some specific kind of security system that best supports your requirements, the already installed system will be worthless.

Why is it good?

Pre-installed security system

Buying a house with a pre-installed security system is surely a great deal. It saves your time and money as well as efforts to install new one. You don’t need to hassle up yourself in going to market and looking after different home security systems. You don’t need to put extra effort and time to choose out of them.

In such a busy era, where everyone is looking to save time wherever it is possible, pre-installed security systems helped a lot. They have monitoring features that help you to protect your family. Also, these pre-installed systems come in the total cost of the house and you don’t need to pay extra for them.

Provide complete home security

Today, crime rates are growing day-by-day. In this environment, protecting your home from burglars, thieves or criminals is essential. What if you are away from your home and someone enters into it with ill-intentions? You won’t have any idea what happened to your home and how your valuables are gone. And, if that person gives any harm to your family, you can’t inform the police at the right time. This will lead to any wrong happening.

But a home security system will help you in this matter. Security systems usually contain alarms that ring when an intruder enters the home without your information. Even notify you when you’re away from the house. You can call the police in moments and protect your family and valuables.

Fire protection to property

Well, home protection systems not only protect you from burglaries and criminals but also provide protection from hazards like fire. A home fire can happen due to a number of reasons. This may be because of the leakage of gas from the stove or a little candle blown up your curtains and many more chances are there.

A home security system provides an early warning through alarms. This alarm rings when it notices there is any kind of smoke in the house. Also, heat protectors warn about the source of heat. Thus, prevent further damage from fire and save your life.

Manage electricity with surveillance

A home protection system also monitors the energy use in your home. A number of times you unintentionally left your home without switching off the lights of any specific room. Or sometimes you are not able to track the energy use. Here, the surveillance system can help you a lot.

Many home security devices come with monitoring systems that keep track of your energy use. Some of them also allow you to turn off lights and appliances no matter where you are. This way you can save a lot on your energy bills.

Access to home automation

Everyone wishes to have a smart home in this modern time. And, your home security system can complete this wish. Latest home security devices are also designed to control and monitor your home. They can lock doors and windows, turn off lights, track child’s activity, and much more.

A cool idea to live stress-free and peacefully is to have a home with such automation. It provides additional security and you can enjoy your outside trips without a worry. Plus, home automation systems can remotely help you to prevent any unfortunate incidents. Thus, secure your home and your family.

Lower insurance premiums

Home insurance is a necessity due to many reasons. Somehow it is closely connected with your security. An Insurance policy covers a number of losses and damages occurred. But if you’ve installed a home security system, you can save a lot on your insurance premiums.

Most of the time homeowners, do not notice how much they are paying to insurance companies. Having a security system in home can significantly reduce the amount of your monthly premiums. Some of the companies also provide special discounts to the homes equipped with security devices. So, when next time you take policy, check whether there is any discount or not.

Remotely monitor cameras on cell phone

When you are away from your home either for a long time or for short, you can watch your home inside and outside with the help of your security devices. Most surveillance systems can connect with your cell phones with the help of the internet.

So, wherever you go outside next time, you can check all your home through your phone in hand. This will help you to keep track of how things are going on in your home. You can take immediate actions when you feel any necessity or inform the other family member about the situation.

Why is it bad?

No doubt a well-equipped home with all security essential devices is a great deal but sometimes there are many drawbacks you can’t ignore. Here check what these drawbacks are:

Limited accessibility

When you purchase a home equipped with a home security system, there are more chances of limited accessibility. Your security system is pre-installed and you cannot customize it or add new features. You might like a more advanced system for your home security. Properties with pre-installation of security devices do not allow to add another one. In such cases, you have to access the same with limited options.

There are many latest security devices available in the market that may be more advanced than your existing ones. But to access them you need to remove the older one and that is not possible with houses equipped with pre-installed home security systems.

If you tried to change your existing security system to the newer, it will cost you more because you’ve already paid for it in the home deal. Also, it takes your precious time to install a new home protection system.

Paying for false alarms

Not every alarm that rings are to warn you about any casualty. Sometimes it happens only because of a little mistake of yours or any family members. Kids usually turn the alarm on with their activities. Then only false alarm rings that can irritate you.

If you are outside the home or in the company’s meeting and you get notification of an alarm ringing, you call emergency services. But if the alarm rings because of false reasons, you end up paying fine for that. Thus, it cost you for no reason.

Only operate with internet

Your home protection system is well connected with internet services or wifi. It can only operate when the internet is working. If the internet stops working, your security system also does. And, here your security system fails to protect you.

It is a drawback of any internet-connected security system that it cannot operate without the internet connectivity. It is when an intruder can enter into your home and steal your valuables or harm to your family members. You won’t even have any proof or image of that intruder.

Need to set alarms and access

Another drawback of these alarms is to set all the alarms before leaving home. Also, you need to give access to locks, and turn on/off lights. These systems only work where you give them access. If you don’t give them access to any specific room or appliance, it won’t work on them.

If you forget to give the access or set an alarm, this will cost you heavy. For example if you forget to set access to locks in a room where the pet or child is not allowed to enter, they will step in when you are away.

Annoying notifications

Imagine your phone rings every two minutes to notify you what is happening in your home. It is good to know but sometimes it becomes a drawback. Constant messages from your security system can also annoy you.

Maybe you are in any important business meeting or dealing with a specific client or enjoying your trip, and there the frequent beeps from your home can disturb you. There is nothing to do with such notifications. Most of the time they are irrelevant. On the other hand, you cannot turn off or mute such messages because of the safety matters of your home and family.


Home security systems may lessen your burden a lot more than you think, but as above-said there are some drawbacks. If you are buying a home equipped with a home security system having cameras, alarms, or automation features can protect you in a much better way.

But before making a deal, first, consider the points like are these home security cameras right for you? Or are the alarms well set? Or the automation feature working sufficiently? After considering all these points, purchasing a new home will be a good idea.

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