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Signs That Your Microwave Oven Needs A Thorough Repair

The microwave oven has become the most used and the least regarded appliances in our households. We take these little work machines for granted and never pay much attention to their well-being and servicing. Like every other appliance, microwave oven also needs proper maintenance and repair after the passage of some time. If you ignore the needs of your appliances, eventually they will top being beneficial for fulfilling your needs and requirements, affecting the daily household tasks. Most people never understand the issue with their microwave until it gets damaged to an irreparable extent. Check out these clear signs and know when there is a need for a microwave oven repair.

Taking Too Long To Heat Food

If you are not sure whether the oven is really taking longer to heat food or not, you can take a test. Just put a mug filled with water in the oven and set the timer on two minutes. If the oven is in the right condition, the water will be boiling hot within the time period. If it doesn’t happen, you will know that there is some issue with the heating process of your microwave oven. The issue can be the difficulty of the oven catching the electrical energy or with the seals around the walls of the oven.

Troubled Door

The door of your microwave carries the radiation safe inside that allows the food to heat up after it is completely closed. When you shut down the oven door, you know it is the safe time to start the timer. The trouble arises when the interlocking unit of the door gets broken or damaged due to rough handling and slamming. If the door is not closed properly, the oven will not work and you will have to repair it properly.

The Oven Is Noisy

A noisy oven is a clear sign of damage and the demand for a repair. This problem of the microwave might not be seen but heard. You should never ignore the uncomfortable sound coming from the oven that is nothing like the regular sound of the oven heating up your food. You can look up for the side rubbers of the door as well as the hooks that helps the door to lock. If they are broken or damaged, you will need to repair or replace them.

TouchPad Not Working

The touchpad of your microwave work s as a commanding source. You enter a command with a time set and your microwave prepares your food according to the instruction given to it. Sometimes it happens that the touchpad stops working because of the dirty and greasy hands you have put on it, or due to some other reason. If you are finding it difficult to operate the oven through the touchpad, you surely are in a need of a Marietta microwave oven repair.



The microwave oven contains coils inside it. When you heat up your food inside them, these coils help it to heat up the food through a proper electrical flow. Food often gets stuck inside these coils, or the coils get burned down due to excessive use. Your oven in most likely to start sparking whenever you turn it on. There are more chances that the issue is related to the coils instead of an electrical reason. You can check the coils and replace them if they are damaged.

Other Issues

You should always keep a check on your appliances and manage to do a regular electric and gas oven repair and service so that you can resolve any trouble with your household tasks. There are other minor issues such as your oven not getting enough current or a switch break that are easily repairable.


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