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Top 9 Tile Designs to Perk Up Your Bathroom Aesthetics

Tile Designs

When it comes to bathroom renovation, you can be as versatile as the bounties of God. Even then, you may tend to go on a repeat mode with the designs to avoid risks. But if you want to design your perfect bathroom, then you need to step out of the monotonous world. Instead of installing plain white subways, draw your bathroom canvas with creativity.

It is not like traditionally styled tiles are boring. But for a change, you can think of adapting designer tiles for your bathroom. They are available in lush patterns and rich colors to match with your personality.

So, continue reading the blog as we’ve brought nine top tile designs to perk up your bathroom’s aesthetics. They are trending a lot in the modern world. Further, we’ve jotted down five tips to help you choose the right tile for your bathroom. So, pay heed!

9best tile designs to increase your bathroom’s aesthetics:

Trend #1. Graphic tile patterns

Now, this design is raging again after hundreds of years. No matter you want to install it on your floor or wall, it’s the perfect accent tile for your bathroom. Once you see them installed, you’ll know why it is trending so much. Their color pallets are either subtle tones or bold contrasting shades. The former one will bring sophistication to your space while the latter would brighten it.

However, it offers a unique style to drape onto your floors and walls. With a variety of patterns and colors, you can unleash your creativity too.

Trend #2. Matt finish tiles

They have continued their popularity even in this year. Its rough texture makes it suitable for slippery floors. Plus, they don’t show up watermarks that generally work as an added advantage for busy bathrooms. On top of that, it has a matt finish which can shower a rustic effect on your bathroom.

Also, their low sheen quality makes it easier to maintain. So, if you are searching for an earthy style, then this is it. The only thing you need to ensure that there is enough lighting in the space as these tiles do not reflect light.

Trend #3. Large-format tiles

In recent years, large-format tiles are enticing a lot of homeowners’ attention. Its clean look will elevate the style of your bathroom. Furthermore, not only are they stylish, but they cover large areas too. As they are large, your bathroom will have fewer grout lines, which can make a small space look bigger. You’ll buy elegance for your bathroom if you opt for the large rectangular or square-shaped tiles.

Through these tiles, you can even turn a simple design into a modern wallpaper look. Additionally, they come in hundreds of styles, and one of those trending ones is 3-D design.

Trend #4. Marbles

The beautiful white marbles are superb for your bathroom. These days, they are not just for big bungalows or mansions. Any homeowner can upgrade their bathroom with affordable marble tiles and get an upscale look. From contemporary to traditional to classic, marbles will suit well for any bathroom style.

They are naturally water-resistant and will add a luxurious look to your bathroom space. That is why homeowners use it for construction for millennia. Even the Romans had public baths made of marbles. But while using them in your bathroom, you need to do two things – seal it and watch out for slip-resistance.

Trend #5. Metallics

They give a warm as well as dramatic effect to your space. When choosing metallic tiles for your bathroom, opt for tiles that are composed of stainless steel as they are well-suited for wet areas. Great material for getting a striking effect is available in an extensive range of sizes and patterns. If you want to create sparkle hues, then these tiles will allow you to get in on board.

Well, due to deposits of hard water, you could end up with stains on it, but the good thing is they are easy to remove. However, it may not be for everyone, but you can try using it in a powder room to give a wow-factor.

Trend #6. Black subway tiles

Date back to 1904, subway tiles are still on a spotlight in the design world. Earlier, white was on the top list, but now black shade is trending a lot. The black tiles bring an added layer of beauty to the room. It offers a look that’s quite familiar but with an unexpected twist. When we talk about their skills, their durability, versatility, classiness, and affordability will lure your heart.

You can honestly use black subway tiles anywhere in your home, and a shower area is no exception. The shower area with tiles is standard. But the space outfitted with black subway tile from top to bottom – that’s something rare and unique.

Trend #7. Wood planks for flooring

They are just starting to make a splash in the marketplace. Porcelain wood grain tiles will not allow you to sacrifice on aesthetics as they stain and water-resistant. You’ll get the much organic feel while taking a shower inside your bathroom.

You could even try blending natural stone planks or other materials such as concrete. It will add a welcoming style to your flooring.

Trend #8. Long and narrow shaped tiles

Another modern take on traditional tiles – 2020 is going to be the year for long and narrow shape tiles. If you’ve small bathrooms, then installing long and narrow tiles will create the illusion of a bigger room. It comes in punchy patterns with brilliant features to match your lifestyle.

So, whether you’re opting for a contemporary or classic look, you’ll be impressed with distinctive designs and high-end luxury styles. You can try placing them on walls around a tub or in a walk-in shower.

Trend #9. Textural tiled finishes

Incorporation of textural tiles means adding variation, color depth, and surface interest to your bathroom. Its textures can appear in subtle or pronounced based on material, finish applied, and the color desired. You can take inspiration from 3-D dimensional tiles as they are usually known as a piece of art.

They come in a range of shapes, sizes, and styles, helping you to create a new focal point of your home. Your guests will realize that “the shower area is also an elegant part of the house”.

After going through the above tile designs, you may have got your heart set on all of them. But you cannot place all of them in your bathroom. So, to help you choose the best one for your bathroom, we’ve listed down five tips to help you with the selection process.

5 tips for choosing the perfect bathroom tile:

Plan your budget:

There is a broad range of options when it comes to tile selection. So, to start with your selection process, you need to determine your budget. Based on that, you can easily choose the right tile for your space, considering your needs.

Select a color scheme:

We understand that choosing a color palette is a challenging job. Therefore, we suggest to begin with your cabinet and vanity colors first. Once this is locked, you can start by building a palette for your tile. Experts recommend going in contrast to tiles and other accessories.

Determine the size:

The world of tiles is continuously making a headway. Earlier, homeowners use to crave for smaller tiles, while today they are after bigger ones. If you want to stick to tradition, then follow the standard size. But if you desire to have a transitional and timeless bathroom, then 4*16 will work well.

Finalise the look:

Once you’ve set the budget and color palette, you need to go to the showroom to finalize the look. Whether you need aesthetics, durability, thin grout lines, water-resistance, or all, convey the same to the design consultants. Also, if you’ve samples of the cabinet, countertops, or other accessories, take it with yourself to get a clear picture.

The tile should reach the shower ceiling:

While retiling a shower, you must ensure that the new one reaches till the ceiling. It will render you a clean and finished look to the all-time wet area. Moreover, it won’t get exposed to dirt and will also make your bathroom look taller. For much-needed information, read the blog: How will you clean a shower screen?


Tiles play a starring role in your bathroom, and it creates your mood as well as expresses your personality. Therefore, you have to select the right one. Well, we are sure the above-given information can simplify your job.

When talking about its installation, you can do-it-yourself (DIY) if the budget is your pain point. But be aware – it’s harder than it looks. Still, if you’re up for the challenge, then do it with your eyes open. In that case, consider using a simple ceramic tile, a stacked layout, and the thinnest mortar. But if you want to go ahead with porcelain tiles, then DIY would be difficult, so it’s better to leave it to professionals.