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Yard Cleanup: 5 Tips for Maintaining a Beautiful Yard

Regardless of the weather conditions in your area, now is the ideal time for spring yard cleanup. Starting from pruning to all the way to crabgrass prevention, we are putting together the 5 most effective yard cleaning ideas that will help you maintain a beautiful yard.

Protection defines lawn and yard care! Because we all put a lot of thought into our home and property, it is time to refresh our memory on what is next.

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First Tip: Begin with Pruning

It is time to cut off all the broken and disfigured branches caused by ice and snow in the winters. As the winters come to a close, you should also remove all unwanted lower branches on evergreen shrubs and trees.

Do you have flowering shrubs? Pruning a shrub generally depends on when a flower blooms. There are different types of shrubs that need to be pruned at their own time. For example, summer-flowering shrubs may be pruned at the very hard end of the winter or very early in the spring before the start of fresh growth.

Second Tip: Do Cleanup of Leaves

No matter if you did a leave cleanup in the fall, there are many trees such as oaks which will shed leaves over the winter as well as into the spring. Don’t worry. You won’t have to clean up every single leaf. Get a little leaf litter and you’re good.

However, be sure to remove any debris or piles of leaves or any other layers of leaves out in the open in order to prevent mold and diseases. For those with a compost file, it would be a good idea to add those leaves to the pile.


Leaves Yard Cleanup Tips


For perennial beds, you will need to wait before cutting them until the weather is warm enough and spring is likely to stay.

Third Tip: Deal with Aggressive Weeds As Early As Possible

As daylight hours increase in summers, the invasive or aggressive weed will only worsen its spread. And as they grow, their roots become stronger becoming increasingly difficult to pull out. Not mowing too short, skipping fertilization, and over/under watering are good cultural practices to reduce weed growth.

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Weeding for Plants

Fourth Tip: Raking Away Thatch

It might be a bit early to talk about thatches but since a lot of folks do it early, we have no choice but to shed light on this at this time.

“Thatch” basically refers to those “matted” areas in a lawn that have died out. The only thing they can now harbor is snow mold. More than half an inch, thatches are irrelevant. Be sure to do a good raking which will facilitate air flow throughout the grass, preventing diseases, and enabling germination.

Perfect time to rake it as soon as it gets dry and the grass is still brown.

Fifth Tip: Avoid Fertilizing with High Nitrogen

Even though you don’t always have to fertilize the lawn yet many people still do it, even in the spring. Before everything, remember that early spring is NEVER the right time to apply fertilizer using high nitrogen. You may, however, use it later in the spring when the grass is green and growing.

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