10 things not to do in the Maldives as a responsible traveller

An archipelago, made up of over thousands of tiny islands, surrounded by crystal clear blue waters all around, the Maldives is surely one of the most popular vacation destinations in the whole world. Though this island paradise situated in the Indian Ocean is in every sense a genuinely gorgeous place, but like every other place, there are some set of activities which you should not indulge in as a responsible traveller.

After all, when visiting a foreign land, the last thing you would want to do in your much-awaited vacation would be to hurt someone’s feelings or unintentionally end up committing a crime. However, you no longer need to stress much over it as we have already prepared a small list of things you should know before going to the Maldives so that you keep free from any unexpected troubles. Continue reading to know more!

1. Stay away from Public Display of Affection

The Maldives is quite a conservative country where displaying affection in public can earn you a lot of unpleasant glares and frowns from the locals. The people here do not tolerate this behaviour to an extent that they even consider simple actions like a peck on the cheek or any kind of public display of affection as against the law. So, if you are going to the Maldives with your partner, beware of this to avoid committing any unintentional crime.

2. Wearing Bikinis in Public Places is a Big No

The Maldives is a Muslim country and they expect women to not wear bikini, revealing or skimpy clothes in public places. Doing this will not only earn you some frowns and glares from the natives but your action will also be considered as a violation of their beliefs as well as a way of disrespecting their social customs. However, since resort islands do not have any such rules, you can easily flaunt your bikinis or best bathing costumes and relax under the sun.

3. Importing Alcohol to the Maldives is Not Allowed

The Maldives is a Muslim country wherein consumption of alcohol as well as pork meat is frowned upon. If you want to stay away from offending somebody, it is better that you steer clear of alcohol and even pork meat. Sometimes indulging in such activities may be interpreted as a way of corrupting their religion. So, unless you have booked a room in one of the country’s resort islands, it is better to be safe than being sorry later while facing any dire consequences.

4. Do Not Try to Smuggle in Banned Items

Several items are prohibited from entering the country including the ones which may be considered offensive or threat to their religion, social customs, and way of life. Some of these items also include any of the religious texts except the Quran, pork, any tobacco products even if they are devoid of any warning or alcohol even if there is no duty applied to it at shops. It is best to check for all of these items beforehand and leave them at home only.

5. Try Not to Drink Tap Water

In the Maldives, water undergoes a bit different process to rid itself of harmful germs and bacteria, known as reverse osmosis desalination. Though this water quite successfully eradicates all the harmful substances from water, it also gets rid of some natural minerals from water which are pretty advantageous for the human body. So, it is better to drink packaged mineral water sold in stores.

6. Do Not Move Out Without Sunscreen

Though the Maldives is a popular tropical vacation destination, famous for its serene turquoise waters if you want to avoid the dreadful tan which may even lead to excruciating burns, it is advised that before diving into the depth of any ocean, you must properly apply adequate amounts of good quality sunscreen lotion beforehand. Unless you wish to spend your vacation days, being shut down in the hotel room, sunscreen is a must-have for the Maldives vacation.

7. Do Not Litter the Sea

This is one of the most obvious steps and hence goes without saying. Marine life and vegetation are important for the ecosystem and hence you must not litter the water. Throw your garbage and litter only in dustbins. Throwing plastic in the water is also quite harmful to life beneath the sea, so avoid doing it.

8. Avoid Wearing Shoes on Beach

The Maldives is famous worldwide for housing some of the most pristine, exquisite and lean sandy beaches. Therefore, to maintain the reputation, the country expects you to leave your shoes in the hotel rooms and wear just slippers while walking along the shores.

9. Selling or Purchasing Black Corals or Turtle Shells is Strictly prohibited

Black corals and turtle shells are one of the endangered species of the Maldives and hence the government is taking several measures to protect them. Therefore, if you are caught in the act of purchasing or selling them, you can face severe consequences and even harsh penalties can be incurred. Catching, killing or selling turtle products has been banned in the Maldives since 1995.

10. Do Not Expect Seaplane Flights to be on Time

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the seaplane flights are usually delayed only. So, after your tiring and long journey, don’t be frantic if you are a bit late because there is a high probability of your seaplane flight being delayed only.

Now, that you know about the things not to do in the Maldives, you are completely sorted and hence must book one of the luxury Maldives holiday packages soon.