18 Eighteens You Can Do for Your Debut

Are you and your friends or relatives having some brainstorming about debut ideas? Say no more! We have gathered 18 Eighteens you can do for your 18th birthday celebration. Some of which are the usual or part of the tradition, the rest might be new, but maybe they are worth the try.

1. Roses (Cotillion)

Debut Roses

If your family is quite traditional, 18 roses will undoubtedly have a place in your program. For sure, your dad, boyfriend or closest cousin or relative will be on dibs for the latter part.

2. Candles or Wishes

Debut Candels

We blow candles whenever we wish for our birthday. For a debut, those who are part of 18 candles will wish something or share her hopes and dreams for the celebrant.

3. Gifts or Treasures

Debut Gifts

Those who are part of the 18 gifts or treasures will not just hand over their tokens. Usually, they will describe the gift or explain why they chose to give such to the celebrant.

4. Songs

Debut Songs

18 songs are probably one of the new eighteens in a debut. If you are a music lover, this is perfect for you! Just remember that we don’t have the luxury of time so the part of this stint will sing the parts of the song that would be relevant to the debutant.

5. K or Bills

18 K or 18 blue bills are often assigned to your godparents and older relatives. Maybe this is one way where you can at least get a kickback from your expenses (just kidding! But not really)

6. Shots

Since you are at legal age already and hopefully your guests to are so all of you can do the shots. Before drinking, they can either share their wish for you or maybe the fondest memory.

7. Lap Dance

Make sure that before you proceed with this plan, you are ready for this and your friends agree to do this, and your parents won’t freak out seeing the act.

8. Clothes or Apparels

Definitely a match for the shopaholics of clothes. Don’t forget to share your size and statistics if necessary so your friends know what would best fit you.

9. Make Ups

Debut Make-up

Kikays out there – this is your time to shine! Since it is your birthday, go ahead and wish for 18 makeups. No need to request for a specific brand, okay?

10. Shoes

Today is the day where you can ask for anything you want, and positively, your friends and relatives will give into it. So yes, shoes included. Be specific with your size though!

11. Accessories

Earrings, necklaces, rings, anklets, and any other accessories you can think of are part of the 18 accessories. No matter how small they are, I know you’re going to love them!

12. Bags

Stylish or designer bags, backpacks or shoulder bags – whatever kind it is, a bag is still a bag! Maybe you can also include pouches on your list.

13. Perfume

Debut Perfume

Aside from wishing for tangible materials, why not for something that could help you smell good? Hopefully, you are not allergic to some scents or has a sensitive sense of smell.

14. Food

We all know that the debutant will be the one to feed the guests, right? But what if the participants will be the one to give you food? Sounds tasty!

15. Stuffed toys

Some girls know for themselves that they need something to cuddle with. So say hi to 18 stuffed toys! Just pray that you will be getting fluffy and huggable ones.

16. Books

The eighteens are not all about girly stuff or kikays, and you can also request for something that is essential to your development and learning. Others also list the genre of their choice or a wish list of books.

17. Pens

If you love to write or a collector of pens, you can also include in your program 18 pens. Quite unusual, right?

18. Gadgets and accessories

And lastly in our list is 18 gadgets and accessories. Assign the ones that you know are capable of giving you such. Of course, they have the option to give you a gadget or just an accessory (headphones, cable wires, and alike).

There you have it! Did you find at least one or two to add to your program? Surely, you did! If you are not still satisfied with these debut ideas, you may think of something that you collect or love the most that your friends and relatives know. Maybe 18 stamps, glasses, pillows, blankets, or whatnot. Whatever that makes you happy; we hope that you will have a memorable and meaningful 18th birthday celebration.