7 Great fashion ideas for the dating evening

Fashion ideas

The first date is always a very exciting event, especially when a woman likes a man. Of course, we all want to make a good impression, and a well-chosen outfit will help with this. In this article, we are going to tell you about 7 successful outfit dating ideas.

Until a man’s involvement has developed into a whirlwind romance, it is necessary to carefully select clothes for your date from the best dating sites 2020. After all, with its help, you can both encourage him to fall in love or get a wrong opinion about you and even push him away.

What to wear for a date to express your personality and make a man fall in love with you? Read this huge list of dating ideas we have prepared especially for you.

The main rules of choosing a date outfit

For you to feel confident, the date outfit must be as natural and convenient as possible.

There are many top dating ideas for a romantic evening. But to really choose the right outfit and impress a man with your beauty, you need to know five basic rules:

  • Casual outfits with shapeless sweaters and floor-length skirts are not the best option for a first date. Fitted silhouettes that emphasize feminine forms are more suitable.
  • A revealing neckline will undoubtedly attract the attention of your partner, but it can be misunderstood. In this case, a deep cut on the back will look much better, and neutral shoes compensate for the excessive sexuality of such a dress. An ideal option for a romantic date is an outfit a little bit above or below the knees.
  • Your outfit should be comfortable. It applies not only to clothing but also to shoes.
  • Clothes for a date, especially for the first one, must fully and completely match your style. Do not pretend to be someone else.
  • When preparing for a date, do not overdo it. A floor-length evening dress, luxurious hairstyle, smoky eyes – all this will be appropriate for some serious event, and not for dinner.

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How to choose a date outfit according to a season?

If you want to receive an invitation to the second date, it is important to carefully think over online dating first date ideas. A hairstyle, make-up, clothes – every detail is important. What to wear on a first date to make an unforgettable impression on a man? We have a winning outfit for each season.

What to wear for a date in summer?

You can put on a pale pink light dress on hot summer days as it will highlight your romantic and feminine nature.

With the help of a fitted sheath dress, a man will be able to notice your flawless forms. For a date in the park, you can wear a light white dress from natural materials such as linen or cotton.

If you’re unsure of what to wear for a movie date, opt for a tried-and-true classic – a dress with a flared skirt.
This style looks amazing, fashionable, and attractive to all the girls. A neat accent on the waist and a skirt made of flowing fabric will help win the attention of a man.

What to wear on a date in winter?

How to go on a first date if it’s damp and cold outside, but your soul is warm and longs for love? When composing a romantic outfit dating ideas for the cold season, it is necessary to balance beauty and comfort. There are six stylish winter outfits to help you. They all have enough gentleness and charm to choose on your favor:

  • knitted or leather A-line dress
  • a dress with open shoulders;
  • a straight or slightly fitted warm dress;
  • a warm dress with a cut on the back;
  • an attractive lace dress.

For girls who feel completely uncomfortable in a dress in winter, this mix is useful: tight leather pants + a warm oversized sweater or a cardigan. Every fashionista will look trendy in such an outfit and even get some lacking courage.

What to wear for a date in autumn and spring?

In the spring and fall looks, the same clothes are used, due to similar weather conditions. It can only differ in color. In the spring ideas, there are cold and fresh undertones, and in the autumn, try to use warm tones.

If a date with a loved one takes place in early autumn or late spring, then the clothes can be taken from the summer wardrobe: a light dress made of cotton, velvet, and silk; sheath skirt combined with a blouse or funny T-shirt; tight turtleneck dress or straight light dress.

For late fall and early spring, warmer knitwear, neoprene, heavy satin, and velvet are suitable. Knitted dresses are irreplaceable, which, with the right selection of accessories, can look both casual and more suitable for a date.

When composing unique dating ideas, do not forget about your individuality, which can be expressed precisely with clothes’ help. It is also true for dating ideas for him.

7 clothing ideas for dating

Gentle delicacy

Despite all the attempts of “comfortable jeans” to replace such a charming and feminine outfit as a dress, it remains the most favorite among all outfit dating ideas. For summer, a light rayon or cotton dress is best. And not only because it is easy and convenient. But also because the flowing material, which describes smooth feminine curves, makes its owner even more feminine, sensual, attractive, and insanely romantic.

If you have a young soul

You shouldn’t change yourself and try to improve your thinking style overnight! If you are a charming coquette, and the lightness is still dominating in your bright head – then bell or sun-flared skirts are perfect for you, both short or long types. They focus on femininity, playfulness, girlish ease, and comfort. And if you feel that you are still 16 years old in your soul – your choice has already been made for you! It may be the right choice for speed dating outfit ideas.

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Give passion and fire!

If you want more “passion and fire” and a couple of dating ideas initiating contact, then, of course, a fiery red or animal print outfit will suit you. Just do not overdo it, please! The simplest model, cut, even without accessories, and a woman in such a dress always looks attractive and sexy. A more graceful, delicate, and romantic image you will get wearing a dress made of light material with thin straps. But be careful; such an outfit gives your dating ideas a green sign for a more intimate end of the evening.

Woman in white

Many people think that a white dress is not quite the right choice of outfit dating ideas for an evening out. But these are all rumors. After all, it is on a date that you want your beloved man to admire you, even more, your beauty, femininity, your blooming appearance. And the dazzling white color copes with this difficult task better than any other.

Romantic skirts

If you want your romantic date outfit to be worn more than once, you need a beautiful skirt that will help you create a stunning and unforgettable outfit for a romantic walk, dating home ideas, and for every day. You can compose a stylish skirt with various shirts and jackets, creating a new outfit for every occasion.

Casual style

Don’t you like experimenting with your style of fun dating ideas? Or do you prefer elegant simplicity and rigor in clever ideas for dating? Then black, white, and faded-color classic in all its forms is what you need. A simple dress with a snow-white collar or a suit with an original top – the casual style has many options that will delight you and the heart of your partner! First of all, you must feel comfortable, don’t forget.

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Comfort comes first!

The date is just a date, and you shouldn’t forget about a comfortable life either, especially if these are some stay-at-home dating ideas. If you feel out of place in a dress, it may not suit you for a date. But a trendy loose jumpsuit with an accent on the waist, which resembles a feminine dress or a casual combination of pants and top, is your strong point. You should, first of all, feel yourself at the highest level, which means that nothing will prevent you from exuding love vibes, your feminine beauty, and charm.

An outfit for the first date should be original and appropriate to the place where you are invited. We recommend choosing outfits that make you feel confident, free, and attractive. If the clothes are uncomfortable, even world-famous brands, the perfect cut, and trendy color will not save the situation.

Walking in the park, rollerblading, or cycling is comfortable in jeans, a top, sweater, or cardigan draped over your shoulders, like one of the double dating ideas. Plunging tops and ultra-short dresses are best saved for nightclubs or bars dating ideas.


Choosing your outfit is an important part of getting ready for your date. It is up to it that the guy will make the first impression of you. How well the meeting will go and whether it will repeat depends partly on the chosen clothes.

Men’s tastes vary, and it’s impossible to find a versatile first date kit that everyone will love. But if you listen to these tips, there is a high probability that the chosen outfit will be successful and not cause negative emotions.

What’s your favorite date outfit? Do you have any special dating ideas for a long-distance relationship? Tell us your secrets and share your experience in the comments. What would you not wear for a date night?

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