8 UK Travel Facts You Wished Your Mom Told You Earlier

Can you really call yourself a travel buff or a travel enthusiast without having been to the gracious and marvelous soils of the United Kingdom?

Well, if you don’t know, the United Kingdom is more like a bowl of salad. Beautifully dressed, full of greens, and lots of choices in one bowl.

That means how vast the offers of this place have in store for you – pick any place to visit and you’ll absolutely never regret it.

But if you’re really feeling hesitant about giving the United Kingdom a place on your bucket list or future travel plans, then you might be convinced after reading these fascinating UK facts you would definitely hope your mom told you quite earlier.

So, keep your eyes on the pages and figure out how interesting and exciting it is to tour around the UK!

1. There’s neither “best” nor “wrong” time of visit

The weather in the UK changes from time to time so, to sum it all up, there’s neither the best or worst time of coming to this place.

Who would’ve thought that this fabulous piece of land can still surprise you with its weather, huh?

And that’s why you have to proceed to #2…

2. Umbrella is a great weapon to fight the changing weather

Well, that’s true, the UK can still shock you with its truly inconstant weather which makes the Brits moan for it.

That’s why if you’ll decide on visiting this place sooner or later, don’t forget to bring your umbrella with you!

3. No need to pay top dollar for accommodations

If one thing that stops you from touring the UK is the thought that you got to pay top dollar for a comfy and relaxing accommodation, well, sorry but you’re thinking wrong.

The United Kingdom has extravagantly lots of accommodations and/or hotel stay choices!

From a luxurious stay in a hotel in London to affordable accommodation in Bristol Redcliffe, you can start living your UK travel dreams!

4. British loves tea like no other in the world

Do you love tea? Well, if you do, this place is absolutely just for you!

If you don’t mind knowing, the British community consumes over 163 million cups of tea every day.

Shocking right? But that’s true and that’s nearly 20 times the number of cup of teas devoured by Americans.

5. Trains here get delayed too

Of course, there’s no perfect place in the world, right?

It’s because despite having an enormous selection of train networks, just know that trains in the UK get delayed too.

Well, you know, just be patient because canceled trains are experienced likewise by other countries around the world.

6. The UK has a basket of UNESCO World Heritage sites

From the world-renowned Stonehenge to the ever-beautiful Kew Gardens and City of Bath, the UK is very much well-prepared to amaze you as it carries a basket full of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Could you imagine that this country has a tremendous 32 UNESCO World Heritage Sites? And the number could grow more anytime in the future!

7. Trying Sunday roast is a dream to live by

Your UK visit wouldn’t be complete without trying one of its bests, the Sunday roast. Well, from the name itself, this British main dish is served on Sundays.

And due to its demand and fame in British culture, it has been ranked and recognized as the second thing people [Brits and tourists] actually love about the UK.

This meal comprises a appetizing combination of roasted meat, roast potato, and complemented such as Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, bread and mint sauce, vegetables and gravy for the final touch.

Picture it in your thoughts – doesn’t it look a lot mouth-watering, huh?

8. It houses countless castles more than any place in the world

Who wouldn’t love fairytales? Who wouldn’t love the idea of living in a captivating castle like those of the Princess and their Prince Charmings?

Well, you can get your dream fairytale life come true just by spending a day or two in the United Kingdom.

If you wouldn’t mind knowing, this place houses countless castles more than any place you could visit in the whole world.

Final say before you go:

So, it’s presumed that you’ve known the United Kingdom better now. What do you think? Isn’t this place interesting to visit? Let us know your thoughts!


Kath Ramirez is daytime and a committed writer in PREMIER SUITES Bristol Redcliffe. She’s been pouring her dedication and love for writing ever since she was in fourth grade. Kath is also a die-hard fan of travelling, photography, dancing, and head over heels for her furbabies.