Advantages of Being an Independent Traveler

For some of us, we likely want to be on our own we want to discover ourselves within a box and an example of that is traveling alone. It’s not being lonely or loner that you may think, it’s more of being an independent one.

We even work for years and wants to earn for our future needs like the gadgets, house and lot, you even plan to look for some affordable houses like laguna house and lot that might be one of your options. However, you do not forget to feel leisure for some time.

I want you to tell an experience before that there was a friend of mine who used to live in Cebu she’s residing in a place where it is crowded and most of the time traffic. Her hobby was reading and writing in the restaurants or cafes and even at home when alone. There was a time that she realized she was gone with the trips of her friends, families and even her love, she’s preferred to travel alone.

Here are some inspiring and practical advantages for solo travel when she decided to be on herself:

Easy to manage

Getting ready for your own travel, you’re booking your own flights, hotel reservations, museum passes or a room accommodation. It is different with group planning because it’s less hassle, processing is smooth, straightforward and headache-free. You only have yourself to manage everything without waiting for someone’s opinion.

You got to have your own schedule

When you finally arrived at your destination, your travel plans are in your hands. It’s less stressful to experience than deciding everything in what others may think about the trip. It is more relaxing than you ever thought.

Changes are less hassle

When traveling alone, your flexibility for plans will be a flash. If you want to be adventurous at the moment you wake up that morning, you can ride a bus for an earlier schedule and discover amazing attractions. If you want to feel to be in that place, you can also cancel your reservation in a restaurant and you can have take-out in your hotel room. You can’t blame someone for not proceeding such plans.

You are on a budget

In a large group, you will consider paying for almost half of the meals than dining alone. Even you only had a salad and a juice, you will end up paying the part of your friend’s heavy meals to share. When traveling with a large group, the expenses will likely be more expensive as you’ve never expected. When you are alone, you can stick with the plan meals and activities and still you have enough budget for another ride.

Getting a reservation

Traveling alone and you want to have a reservation in the most popular restaurant in your destination is more secured. If you are getting a table for a group then it will be most likely be difficult to reserve. Same with a reservation in an opera, the concert will be sold-out for a group compared to reserve a ticket for your own and get the chance to watch the performances.

Social Experiences

My friend even met her boyfriend when she was traveling alone in the other country last year, it’s not what you think that you can have the chance to have a boyfriend while traveling alone. It’s the social interaction with other people. You are more inclined to find more people around you than just sticking with your large group and never had the chance to have a conversation with other people because you have them with you.

Feel the travel experiences

Sometimes, if you are traveling in a large group or with a travel you cannot feel the waves of the beach or the exhibit and concerts. She said that the experience immediately becomes a collective one as you share what happened. You can really feel the better side of the adventure and will last for years.

Some reflection

Solo trips are lent to be a slow and more reflective side that can be restored. Every time you pass through the city trips or an afternoon nap, you will feel calm and centered. Unlike with a large group, you can feel the trip after you were down to your pillow.

Better Traveler

When you traveled for so many places and allowed to be on your own after all the alternations happened during the beginning for the few trips you had, the next time you will travel you will be more transparent and you will be able to submit your experiences and wisdom to others.