Are you taking your wedding day seriously?

wedding day

Finally, the day has arrived when you are about to marry the love of your life. Your dreams are about to come true which you have been imaging since the day you met her. I know it has to be secret but now is the right time when you can reveal it. You can reveal the names of your children which you have been deciding since day 1, though it sounds kiddish it’s beautiful at the same time.

I know that you are mentally prepared for “what’s next” but are you ready physically? Don’t you feel you should work on your appearance? Aren’t you feeling the necessity of pampering?

Even if you don’t feel like that, we want you to pamper yourself so that on your special day your better half shouldn’t be thinking “Am I serious about him?” and you won’t be liking that.

So before starting, I would like you to start with the basics, meditation. Meditation is very important to you. Not only it’s a good thing to practice before your special day but you must practice it daily as well. Why? Let’s find out. To make it more interesting, do it with your to be wife.

Mediation not only improves your sleep but helps you in weight loss(hence it’s another reason why you should do it), stress, blood pressure, and anxiety. Getting stressed out is fine because a thousand things are going on in yours and in your family members minds hence practicing it, will help them to calm down.

Though its difficult to take out 5 minutes for yourself during those days it’s not that impossible. You may do it as soon as you wake up in the morning for 5 mints and get back to work after that, Simple!

After working on the mental level it’s time to work on the physical body as and starting with

1. Body massage.

Massaging your body is very essential before your wedding day and there are several types designed for bride and groom such as Quiro massage etc which includes kneading and friction techniques on the muscles and is excellent for relaxing muscular tensions such as stiff necks or back pain as its very common among those who are in a desk job.

2. Shiatsu

Next is Shiatsu which is based on pressure points. This is one of the Japanese technique in which masseuse applies pressure from the hands and fingers to enhance the flow of vital energy. For massaging they use tatami or thin mattresses and put that on the floor. This is good for those who are suffering from insomnia, stress or anxiety.

3. Thai Massage

In Thai massage, masseuse works on your muscle groups by pressing the pressure points of your body. The pressure is placed on energy points so that body energy keeps on flowing properly. Also, progressive stretches and movements are involved in it to improve flexibility.

Lastly ayurvedic massage aka abhyanga aka

4. Ayurvedic massage

Abhyanga or oil massage helps in releasing muscle tension, lymphatic drainage and nourishes your skin from head to toe if we compare this process with other processes this stands at the first place because it focuses on your skin as well as on underlying muscles as jasmine, basil, orange, rose, sesame oil are some of its ingredients that helps in relaxing all your muscles. Besides that use of essential oils works on your energy points or chakras.

Once we are done with the massage, its time for some facial.

5. Facial

Facial is very important for those you have dry skin. Also, it removes dead skin from your face and brings out your natural glow and of course, you won’t be loving pictures showing your tired face so being a newbie its recommended to have facial at least three weeks before your wedding day so that your skin can look radiant and presentable. For those men who are into facial before marriage for them having a week before is perfect. Looking great is not a women’s responsibility.

After we are done with pampering our body and face its time to work on hands and feet nails, its time for some manicure and pedicure.

6. Manicure and pedicure

Though no one will be looking at your fingers and toenails you need to look picture perfect as you never know what angle is your photographer’s favorite so we can’t take a risk. For that book, a nail salon, don’t try to be miser, look for a professional one as they know what’s best for your nails.

If you have no time for that there are several DIY techniques as well. Start with cleaning your nails by dipping into the soap water, shape them with filer to smooth away any roughness and lastly, soften your cuticles with help of cuticle or coconut oil or almond oil. Once done with it moisturize your hands and feet with the help of body lotion.

7. Haircut

Well, men don’t mind chopping their hair with a razor but when it’s about your wedding day its recommended for a better hairstylist. You don’t have to be Albert Einstein, go for something safe.

8. Investing in good lingerie

As you take care of your outer appearance similarly you need to work on your inner self as well through investing in a good men’s lingerie which embraces your personality rather than diminishing it. I know you have been ignoring G-string, lace and mesh underwear since a very long time but now you don’t have a choice.

When I say erotic or sexy that means underwear which is comfortable yet sensual such as boxer briefs, thongs or Jock briefs. Don’t you dare go for boxers? If you are comfortable wearing G-strings nothing like it. Invest in those colors that compliment your skin tone for example if you are a pale skin man look for darker shades. And if you have no idea how to pull these sensual styles start practicing.

Choose one style say jock briefs and try to wear them more often whenever you feel is the right time and if you still feel that your wedding day is near and have no time to get comfortable with them, you can go for boxer briefs. Boxer brief for men is stylish, comfortable, erotic and embraces their package gently. Besides white and black, look for lingerie in colors such as red, yellow, blue, etc.

9. Investing in good fragrances.

Smelling good is equally important because no one would like to stand next to the person who smells like onion. When it’s about picking the right fragrance for you, it shouldn’t be too strong that your partner feels like standing with one arm distance neither too mild that you yourself won’t be able to feel the fragrance.

Before investing in cologne go for a skin test just to know whether it is suiting you or not, just to know whether you are allergic to that fragrance or not. You know for a safe side.

Well, there are different types of cologne available in the market and its very essential to know about them for better results. In general, everything comes down to the level of the sweet-smelling pitch in the aroma, which influences to what extent it keeps going on your skin. For example, Eau de Toilette scents commonly include around 10% fragrant quintessence and last as long as scarcely any hours.

Similarly Eau de Perfume, on the, highlights a higher concentrate of aroma substance (15% to 20%) and can last fundamentally more. In any case, as a result of its higher fixation, this sort of scent likewise will in general cost more.

Once you are done choosing cologne for yourself, its time to apply in the right places, i.e. erogenous zones. Men should apply them on the pulse points or warmest areas including neck, chest, shoulders, wrists, and inner elbows and also they require less amount of fragrance. You may even apply to the wrists and neck to make an excellent combination. Other warmest areas include crutch, armpits and behind the knees but not for applying perfume.

Before wearing your wedding dress apply cologne on dry skin. You don’t have to spray into the air and walk through it. Nah, you are not doing that. After application, do not rub it and you can reapply it when the fragrance wears off.

Now you look like a gentleman worth looking.

10. Wrapping up

Before heading towards the place, there is something which I would like to tell you. Getting married is a big decision hence getting nervous is natural, people will come to give their blessings and the show will end but the actual ones begin after that.

Looking great, partying everything matters because you are not going to get married again and again but there is something which is above all which is great understanding and showing love and care towards each other. Try to understand and support each other during difficult phases of life. Rest,



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