Are you dressing up according to the zodiac sign?

dressing up according to the zodiac

If you ever give this a thought that why do you love to wear certain colors and certain styles. Why do you hate wearing a wrinkle-free shirt or have no problem wearing the same jeans from Monday to Saturday, it is all because of your zodiac signs. You believe it or not but planets do affect your nature, fashion sense and even choice of colors. The difference is just in few men those characteristics are found in a higher ratio and in some it’s in the least percentage.

Zodiac signs are divided according to your birth date. Men who were born between January 20- February 18 are known as Aquarius. Similarly, men who celebrate their birthday between Feb 19-March 20 are called Pisces. Men who are born between March 21-April 19 are Aries by birth, Taurus men are those who are born between April 20- May 20. May 21-June 20 is the time when Gemini is born and cancer men are those who are born between June 21-July 22.

If you are born between July 23-august 22 that means you are lion by birth (Leo). If you are born Virgo- august 23- September 22 your nature consists of Virgo characteristics. Liberians are those who are born between September 23- October 22 and if you took birth between October 23- November 21 you are a Scorpion. Sagittarius is people whose birth date falls between November 22- December 21. For being Capricorn men you have to born between December 22- January 19.

Before we directly jump to Fashion tips, it’s good to get introduced with these zodiac signs features so that you can relate with them.

1. Aquarius – January 20- February 18


If you are Aquarius that means you belong to air sign. Aquarius people are shy and quiet by nature. They are progressive, independent and love to set the trend, and these are their biggest strengths. Aquarius men are like sponge i.e. they get easily adapted to the energy of surroundings. Uranus being their ruling planet makes them scared, hasty and aggressive sometimes. Aquarius men are emotional, temperamental and uncompromising. They love their friends and spending time with them is what they love the most. These zodiac men will listen to you with patience and will help you even in the mid of night. Fighting for a cause and intellectual conversations makes them different from the crowd.

2. Pisces- February 19- march 20


Pisces is a water sign. They are compassionate, artistic, gentle and wise by nature. They are extremely friendly, selfless and are always ready to help others even without thinking whether they will appreciate this gesture or not. Fearful, too much trust, desire to escape from reality are some of their weaknesses. The best thing which they love to do is being alone, sleeping, music, romance, and swimming. Criticism and cruelty towards anything turn them off. There are ruled by Neptune hence they are more intuitive than others and have an artistic talent.

3. Aries- March 21-April 19


Aries men are courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic and honest. At the same Aries men could be Impatient, moody, short-tempered and aggressive. They are always in a search of speed and competition because it’s ruled by Mars which represents fire. Hence these are considered as one of the most active signs.

4. Taurus – April 20- May 20


If you trust and rely on Taurus men, don’t worry you won’t regret your decision ever because they are reliable people. Taurus is one of the most patient, devoted, responsible signs in the zodiac chart.

But at the same time, they get stubborn, possessive and won’t compromise with their decisions and situations so don’t be surprised if you ever see their side of personality. Taurus men are best chefs, romantic and love to have high-quality outfits in their collections. They are also practical and well-grounded people Taurus men are one of the most beautiful, attractive and creative people and all thanks to Venus, their ruling planet.

5. Gemini – May 21-June 20


It’s ok if you get confused with Gemini’s personality as they are Expressive and quick-witted at the same time and you will never be sure which one you will face. These men are social, communicative and fun-loving as well as serious, thoughtful and restless. Gemini’s represent element air. Mercury is the ruling planet hence they are good with communication and writing skills.

They are soft, affectionate, curious and adaptable by nature and sometimes they do get nervous, inconsistent and indecisive. Music, books, magazines are some of their favorites.

6. Cancer June 21-July 22


Cancer is being ruled by moon hence they are loyal, emotional, highly imaginative and tenacious. Being a moon person there are various benefits but its cons can make your life difficult as well. Its impact makes you moody, suspicious, manipulative and insecure.

Art, home-based hobbies and having a great lunch with friends is something which they love the most. Cancerians men are sentimental and are extremely difficult to understand so it’s very important to deal with them with patience. They need a lot of care due to their emotional and sensitive behavior.
Cancerians belongs to water sign.

7. Leo


You must have heard this quote that “Leo’s don’t have to try hard to make you laugh. They say something random and you can control your laugh”. This is because they are born with a healthy sense of humor.

Leo men are leaders. Besides that, they are extremely creative, self-confident, dramatic and dominant too. They are so attractive that you can’t resist them.

You must have seen them surrounded by many people it is because they are experts in making friends because of their generous and loyal behavior. The fire element makes them warmhearted. The ruling planet is the sun.

8. Virgo-


Virgo is a full package of loyalty, analytical mind, hardworking and practical features. Virgo men are fond of animals, healthy food, books, nature, and cleanliness. Shyness, worrying about god knows what and workaholic nature are some of their weakness.

Being an earth sign, Virgo men are strong people but conservative and well-organized too. Mercury, their ruling planet makes them excellent in speech and writing and in communication skills hence they are mostly writers, typists, and journalists.

9. Libra-


Librarian men are cooperative, diplomatic and fair-minded. These men are fond of expensive and material things due to Venus, their ruling planet. Libra men find their life meaningless without music and art. They never miss a chance to visit beautiful places.

10. Scorpio


The word Scorpio sounds dangerous but don’t worry scorpion people are not like that. They are passionate, true friend and brave. Sometimes they do get jealous, violent and distracting but that doesn’t mean you start hating them. A few things which they hate the most are dishonesty, passive people and revealing secrets, remember that. These men come underwater sign hence they express your emotions and believe in experiencing the things in life. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto.

11. Sagittarius


Sagittarius men are generous, idealistic and have a great sense of humor. Their weaknesses are being impatient and no filters in your words.

They have a thing for travel, philosophy, staying outdoors; on the other hand, they live to maintain a distance from clingy people, off the wall theories and details. Their curious and energetic qualities make them the biggest travelers. Sagittarius is being ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet of the zodiac.

12. Capricorn

When we talk about time and responsibility so how can we forget Capricorns. Goat men (Capricorn is associated with goats) are great with self-control and can lead the way with solid and realistic plans. Capri is ruled by Saturn hence restriction is nothing new for them. These men are known for their practical and responsible nature but also cold, distant and unforgiving nature.

After features, it’s time to know their fashion and colors so that all the men out there can dress accordingly after all first impression is the last impression.

Fashion and colors:

1. Aquarius:

The best part with Aquarius men is that they are open to experiments so even if you dress them weirdly they won’t mind and instead love being Tarzan or sometimes pirate. Fashion tips that they should follow are, a pair of fitted trousers in solid colors. Pair ethnic and contemporary or Indo western outfit in solid colors.

Patterned and colored shoes add a funky look to your style. Quirky prints do suit you because you carry them with an attitude.

2. Pisces:

Pisces suit should be comfortable as a tailored suit is not his style statement. He loves wearing shirts somewhat like Grandpa Style, a soft silhouette. According to him, loose fitted pants, t-shirts are the best thing ever created that’s why you will find a huge collection of sleepwear in his closet.

Pastel shirts that button and a classic pant, not too over the top and most important in the budget. Khaki, brown, black and blue are his colors. If he is not wearing pants for work he will wear jeans with a classic type cut and it shouldn’t be too skinny or too much wide a leg. The Pisces man dresses Well-turned or effective because he wants to make a good impression. He is among those men who like to keep themselves updated with the latest clothing and footwear trends.

3. Aries:

For everyday use, Aries love comfort. However, just because they enjoy being comfortable, doesn’t mean they don’t like to experiment. They like to try trendy styles you’ll not see him wear a suit of red (except at Christmas, maybe), but don’t be surprised to have him sporting a bright crimson shirt as part of his casual attire hence

Aries man should wear boot cut jeans and designer made outfits. Avoid wearing flared and pencil-legged denim. Plaid and cotton shirts are best because they give a masculine feel. Instead of keeping it buttoned, roll up the sleeves as it goes best with your look Wearing strong colors works for Aries type men so red, bright blues and greens are good choices. Casual blazers made out of cotton which is brown or khaki green in color. Avoid a monochromatic theme as it will ruin your whole attire. Always keep one red shirt.

Good leather shoes and tennis shoes with the lighter sole is good for your personality as you have to keep on running from here and there.

Lingerie: Men’s Jockstraps

4. Taurus:

Taurus men are known for their classic dressing so to maintain that image look for natural colors in shirts. Instead of tucking shirts inside their pants leave them out. This will keep you trendy and comfortable at the same time. Good quality sweaters work for you. Taurus men like shoes that have a solid sole that helps them feel like they have a grip on the earth when they walk. Brown and black are the ultimate color for Taurus men in the shoes category. For them living matters the most so they make sure they look well dressed while at work.

Lingerie: Low- rise briefs.

5. Gemini:

Gemini’s love colors so layering different colors especially primary ones is a great idea for them. Layering primary colors is a great idea for a Gemini man. You can include Striped, solid shirts, and interesting color T-shirts are like a necessity for their wardrobe. They are so creative that they can even look stylish in women’s clothing. Scarves that are colorful, striped or patterned look great on Gemini men in the winter. Look for prints that are subtle and solid blazer or jacket would also work. For an event, you can go for a slim fit suit, paired with a slim jacket and pants to get a fresh look. Colored shirts look best rather than plain ones and top it up with a tie.

Lingerie- bikini brief

6. Cancer:

One should always prefer soft materials like cashmere, wool, and cotton. If he belongs to a Cancer zodiac as it represents feminine characteristics. Low necklines are cancer women’s favorite and men like to wear a shirt buttoned down so that one can notice his clean, shaved chest which is one of his erogenous zones.

Lingerie: Trunks

7. Leo:

Jackets, blazers, and coats are Leo men favorite. To reflect their creative side Leo men wear jackets. You might not like it but the lion loves Flashy jackets and surprisingly it makes them happy as well. When they are in the mood of looking like a professor’s look they will wear blazers. Well, Leo’s are a bit difficult to understand Leo. Roll your sleeves upwards when you wear blazers whether it’s woman or man, its common fashion advice. Apart from jackets and blazers, they are fond of leather jackets and leather shoes as well.

Leo ‘s are known for their charming personality and loves to be the center of attraction so if an item of particular clothing is well made and eye-catching, they won’t hesitate to wear that.

Lingerie: Mesh or see-through bikini, G-strings.

8. Virgo:

If you see the same pants and shirts in different colors in Virgo’s closet don’t be surprised about it as their life is all about working wardrobe. They prefer speaking through their work rather than through their clothes. For them, jeans that perfectly hug their butt and legs are most important. Light green, brown and dark green are right colors for Virgo’s khaki pants. Solid colors are right for shirts and polo neck T-shirts and if not that then stripes go well but before you start looking for striped shirts make sure they are muted i.e. warm brown, cool orange, reddish-brown or in dull red. When you are unable to find these colors look for Tuscan red, olive green or teal blue.

Virgo men are fond of navy, white, beige, brown and burnt reds and blues. The ball is in his court if he wears clothes in natural fabrics.

Lingerie: compression tights.

9. Libra:

Without ties Libra men people incomplete. Libra men love wearing pastel because they are highly addicted to them without bothering the color of their skin. Also, they are fine with pinstripe. They are open for every color. Man of this zodiac loves to wear fitted shirts because they are body conscious. Jeans should be well cut and fitted to the body. While going for denim shopping do follow these instructions such as acid-washed jeans are no more in fashion hence choose dark-colored ones. Likewise when you want to have a sleek look dark pants are worth purchasing and when you feel like adding a bit of weight, lights pants are all you need.

Being a pastel lover is great but trying new colors won’t harm so try some patterned shirts, colorful ties. A patterned shirt will give you a rich feel.

Lingerie: Mesh underwear

10. Scorpio:

Being a mystery man, he likes to develop that aura through his clothing. He loves wearing dark shades so he can pull off dark scarves with his clothing very well. His accessory section does have black belts. Scorpios don’t mind investing in leather jackets, leather wallets basically in leather. Scorpio’s closet is worth stealing.

Dark brown goes very well with his personality. Scorpio looks dashing in Long coats made of wool. Cotton/poly blend or silk/cotton are some of the preferred fabrics for these men and Pants should be made of fabric that drapes as well whether it is a cotton/poly blend or silk/cotton. Avoid wide-legged pants and go for flat front and tapered down leg pants. For a vampire look, pair collar shirts with your jackets. Pullover shirts are good for them and he loves them too so style simple collar shirt with a wool mix or jersey fabric pullover. For sports, purchase well-fitted clothes that are dark in colors such as the dark family of reds, blues, and other colors.

Lingerie: G-string

11. Sagittarius:

Sagittarius man can never be a couch potato. He is one of the most active zodiacs hence always looks for jeans that are thin cut but not “skinny”. Being a traveler by nature, one can find clothes for casual events and one for his fancy party. He is fond of sweatshirts and T. comprises different names. Jackets are very essential for him because they give a boost to their look and add a richness they enjoy. Khaki, blue, black and brown are preferred colors for blazers. Rather going monochromatic, mix up your colors when it’s about pants and blazers. Shirts look best on you so choose them while going for a fancy party and let your T-shirts take a break.

Cotton or cotton/poly blend shirts, pants look best but adding a couple of jeans won’t harm you instead will enhance your personality. Pairing blazers with jeans and shirts are a great thing to do.

Bold colors work best for shirts. Bold prints and colors such as red, bold blues, bold green and even gold look fantastic on you. Small pattern shirts in bolder colors, blue and black are great, Trench coat, either you can layer them or can wear a sweater under that or sweater over your shirts with collars.

Wearing sweaters in solid colors over your shirts with your pants. Sagittarius man won’t mind spending money on good clothes.

Lingerie: Tanga

12. Capricorn:

It’s difficult to spot a single crease on the shirts and pants of Capricorn as he is the classic dresser.
The Capricorn dresser should stay with classic shirt colors that suit his coloring. Pastels work fine for Capricorn dressers with a focus on earth colors and those colors found in nature. Greens, blues, browns, and beige all look nice on Capricorn men.

Shirts that are tailored to the body look best when dressing for work Find those shirts that fit at the neck well so when you wear a tie it looks nice and well fit while not too big or too tight. Ties are often required for a Capricorn type dresser. Capricorn sometimes makes an example of themselves in the workplace as to how to dress and takes great pride in their presentation of themselves.

Pants should be classic-colored and fitted in the leg while not being too baggy at the thigh. Navy, black, brown and deep greens are highly recommended for Capricorn men. He can mix and match his shirts with fitted pants. Khaki pants when paired with beige shirts or when navy pants are styled with a beige shirt and pastel blue shirt that takes its color from the sky makes Capricorn worth watching.

Wearing a bomber with your shirt Fabric is number one when choosing a suit and even before cut. You can’t expect a Cappy to wear linen suits as they get wrinkled very easily and you know the equation between Cappy man and wrinkles. The Capricorn man usually does not like linen suits because they are made to wrinkle and a Cappy does not like wrinkles! You may have to have it tailored a bit. Navy and black are classic colors for suits Wear a shirt that buttons instead of a T-Shirt are just as easy and can be just as comfortable at casual jobs. Wild color shirt and pants with a casual blazer. One can wear red with khaki and gold with green khaki.

Lingerie: High Rise briefs


1. Aquarius:

Violets, psychedelic color shades. Emotional colors – light and shade. Bold ones to those in combinations and contrast and favorite color are black.

2. Pisces:

Turquoise and the color of the sea are some of their favorites. Some suitable colors for Pisces are pastel and pale, especially pale yellow, mauve’s, lilac, light purple, white, lavender and peaches, and White color is an all-time favorite. Green could be the wrong choice.

3. Aries:

Red mixed with light yellows and also pale shades like off-white and cream colors suits your personality. Apart from these strong colors which you should prefer are bright blues and greens

4. Taurus:

Sky-blue, earthy colors like khaki, brown, and beige suits their personality. Besides that Maroon, pink and cream is the proper color for Taurus. To stay calm go for neutral, browns, blues, tans and a touch of green.

5. Gemini:

Green, back, Pink and white color is also favorable, but green is the excellent color for creative Gemini and red acts as a perk for them.

6. Cancer:

Cancer should avoid white, sea green and blue. Green color sea green can make their life as it is excellent for their career build.

7. Leo:

Bright and bold colors suit them the most and orange is one color in which they should wear it more often. Orange, red, gold, purple look good on them.
Leo can consider Pastel and pale shades combination but these are not beneficial for their temperament. Best suited colors are bright orange, dark bright yellow shades and limelight shade of magenta.

8. Virgo:

Pastel shades of all colors peach and mauve to light blue are beneficial for Virgo. Avoid wearing dull or earthy shades of gray, shades of brown and dark brown.
Other colors like moss green, bottle green, green mixed with black are also great for them.

9. Libra:

Venus rules Libra hence blue is perfect for them. They can even go for white, pink and black (that’s their favorite). They too like dull colors. Prints that are neither too bold nor too colorful are their cup of tea.

10. Scorpio Colors:

Dark purple, purple, bright limelight shades like bottle green, maroon, and purple, red with a shade of black are good for them

11. Sagittarius Colors:

Sagittarius loves bright colors like yellow because it makes them happy and brings cheer in their life. Red, yellow, canary yellow and orange are their favorites. Wearing black is not a bad idea but whites are more preferred. Avoid shades of blue as not every shade suits your personality like navy blue, sky blue but gorgeous blue or royal blue looks best.

12. Capricorn Colors:

Capricorn loves navy blue, indigo, black, and grey. Being a tradition and convention fan they love to have khaki and brown. White praises, black and white mixtures are an all-time favorite. Red is something which they prefer wearing very rarely. Yellow is something that they should prefer more.