Its time to be vocal about these things

Male lingerie

For whatever length of time that we people walk the Earth, there will be subjects that simply make us squirm when we need to discuss them. They’re excessively close to home, they’re excessively unbalanced, they cause us to feel helpless — whatever. Here and there it’s difficult to put a finger on why discussing these points is so troublesome, however, it’s time we quit hiding them away from plain view.

By empowering an open exchange about these things as opposed to turning red and clamming up, we begin to strip away the ponderousness. The more we talk about them, the less peculiar we’ll feel, and that is acceptable on the grounds that we as a whole need to discuss this stuff.

1. Abortion:

ABORTION! Yes, guys, you heard me right, “Abortion”. A word which is heard several times somewhere in the hospitals or through our female friends but then after that what? You get busy with your daily chores. Why aren’t you discussing it? Don’t you feel its the need of an hour or because you are a man?

You will be surprised to know that most of the women don’t feel like talking about it as they will be shamed for it.

According to researches, countries where abortion is illegal, have the highest rates of this act than in the United States and most of the cases were of unwanted pregnancies. Half of the pregnancies are unintended of which four in 10 ends in abortion.

Though this topic is wrapped under the files or memories of women that doesn’t mean its an irrelevant issue.

As per theories, Women who are denied an abortion are more likely to initially experience higher levels of anxiety, lower life satisfaction, and lower self-esteem compared with women who received an abortion.
Secondly, unwanted pregnancies lead to poor mental health.
Do you still want to keep quiet?

2.Male rape:

Male rape is something which media or people around you hardly talks about but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening around you, it’s just screaming but your ears are unable to listen” Help”

If we go through the statistics, you will come to know how terrible one human could be. According to one study, one in five women and one in 71 men has been raped at some point in their lives. Two years ago, Lara Stemple, Director of UCLA’s Health and Human Rights Law Project, came upon a statistic that in incidents of sexual violence that were reported to the National Crime Victimization Survey, 38 % of victims were men which is a much higher figure than in prior surveys. On the other hand, other surveys have shown that in cases of rape and sexual assault the percentage of women is 91% and 9% are male.

Rape has never been gender centric, the psychic mentally of few people have somewhere or the other caused distress to men as well as women. The only difference is people are not aware of it but being a citizen, its time to break the barriers and talk about it.


At the point when our folks went to class, harassing was only a clever little account. It toughened them up, as children. It showed them how to utilize their clench hands. We surely can’t see tormenting like that any longer. Not when it so frequently prompts catastrophe, as you’ll see when we talk about the following thing on this rundown. A lot of schools nowadays have attempted to battle the issue by embracing a “zero resistance” strategy for harassing… whatever that implies. All things considered, we have to youngsters, and even grown-ups will realize that it’s alright to request help. Talk about it, with the goal that children, teenagers, and even grown-ups will realize that it’s alright to request help.

4.Male lingerie:

“Are you seriously gonna talk about MALE LINGERIE”?

Yes, talking about male lingerie is going to happen after all its 2020. Come on buddy, at least you can’t be ashamed of it being a guy.

Well, it’s so weird that men are not ready to talk about clothing that is so essential and is a foundation of their outer clothing. You won’t realize that just by 5-10 mints discussion can clear all your doubts due to which you can save genitals landing up into big trouble. Do you know that?

The right way of washing them, which pair of underwear is right for their workout sessions, and above all, not every fabric is made for your day-to-day chores. Did you know that?

5.Body shaming:

It’s time that we quit poking fun at anorexia and bulimia. It’s time that we quit laughing at anorexic individuals and saying that they’re just doing what they’re accomplishing for consideration, or laughing that we wish we had their self-discipline so we could lay off the chips and pop. Dietary problems and self-perception issues go connected at the hip. You can ask any individual who’s experienced either and they will educate you regarding the psychological and physical battle they need to persevere. These are not kidding diseases, and feigning exacerbation and saying, “Eat a sandwich” won’t cause them to leave.

6. Sex:

Sex training is still restraint just in numerous pieces of the U.S. Understudies should realize what the alternatives out there are and ought to approach experimentally right and comprehensive data about sex in the entirety of its wondrous structures. More than that, sex shouldn’t be a forbidden theme in ordinary discussion. Possibly we needn’t bother with all the bloody subtleties of your last sexual experience, however, we cause sex to appear to be disgraceful, gross or puzzling when we act like our folks never had (or engage in sexual relations, for instance. Sex and sexuality ought to be ordinary discussion subjects. There’s such a long way to go, and it’s more pleasant to find out about it from another human than from scrappy web destinations.


“Periods, Periods, and Periods. Come on man! It’s just a natural cycle so what’s so “No, No” about it rather let’s talk about it.”

Women face this situation each month i.e. one-fourth of the year for individuals with periods, and it’s odd that we invest a fourth of our energy concealing tampons from everyone or attentively tucking cushions into our pockets so we can go to the restroom during class. For what reason wouldn’t we be able to simply whip them out? They’re perfect and there’s nothing despicable about your body’s normal procedures. In the event that you don’t have a period, quit deriding the individuals who do or accusing passionate conduct of our hormones. Trust me, it’s horrible and once more, if our totally characteristic and ordinary human procedures are regarded rather than disgraced and mocked, we can quit saying our stomachs hurt and call those spikes of torment for what they truly are – debilitating.


So frequently we are unnerved of conceding we fizzled, particularly as understudies. It’s difficult to admit to somebody who’s depending on you or just to yourself that you failed, but on the other hand, it’s essential to recognize your errors and proceed onward. I make some hard memories not characterizing myself by my mix-ups, however, chatting with others has helped me understand we as a whole have our snapshots of coming up short and failing. It’s not the finish, all things considered, and you don’t need to be characterized by the things you botched on. It’s OK to not be great and to commit errors. It’s additionally OK to be totally terrified of a class, an introduction, a distressing get-together or life after school. Speaking transparently about our feelings of dread and disappointments could help we all associate and locate a little empathy and comfort.


The word “consent” sounds normal but comes with deep meaning and its time that boys understand that because they are living in their own world where the word consent doesn’t even exist. For them, if a girl haven’t said no that means she is ready to get raped because for them if she hasn’t said no, a woman is ready for it. Doesn’t matter if she is feeling uncomfortable, she has to say no if she doesn’t want to get molested.

Hey men, what kind of society are you living in? For them, it’s important to understand that “ No means no”. One should understand that having sex is fine but assaulting or raping her is not making you a man, it is making you worst than animal. Men need to understand the difference between rape and sex and being a parents one should talk about sex openly with their son. As a parent teach him to respect every woman, even if she is a prostitute, after all, emotion lies in every individual.

10. Importance of family:

Everyone out there wants to be rich like Bill Gates and Dhirubhai Ambani. Every other person feels like owning a helicopter and for that they are even ready to leave their friends and family members behind. For them killing their parents to attain property is not a crime. Well working hard for your goals is not bad but leaving behind those who made you capable of that is not fair. We tend to forget that money, big house, luxurious cars are materialistic which will leave you behind one day but families won’t leave you till last breath hence family is important and will always be it’s just you need to understand their value.