The Advantages of Organic Flavored E-Liquids

Some people argue that ‘organic’ products are a fad, and it is true that in many cases the term is nothing but a buzzword. Many organic products are indistinguishable from their artificial equivalents. However, the nature of the products themselves varies in more than just quality and composition. Organic Flavored E-Liquids offer advantages that are less obvious, even if one doesn’t particularly care for organic products for their own sake.

The vapor industry is unique. Unlike foodstuffs, ‘organic’ means different compositions that have different tastes: vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) are derived from entirely different materials. The first is described as ‘smoother’ and some report a milder hit enjoying it. The latter is less organic and often described as ‘harsher.’ Organic flavored e-liquids, in this case, are going to taste materially smoother and different than artificially flavored liquids.

In many cases, the attention paid by the manufacturer is relevant. Their support of organic ingredients doesn’t necessarily make the product higher quality, but a dedication to using exclusively organic products reflects a greater degree of attention than other manufacturers might be displaying. It’s worth looking into how the manufacturer defines ‘organic.’ In many cases, it simply means the use of vegetable glycerin rather than anything else as a base, but the use of organic materials for flavors is also a key aspect to look for.

Organic e-liquids in many cases give manufacturers more options for their flavor profiles. Organic flavors tend to blend better than artificial ones. Making a more complex flavor, like tiramisu or coffee, almost requires organic flavoring to make the flavors marry appropriately. The use of organic liquids allows flavor creators to act more like chefs and less like factories, greatly raising the potential complexity of their work. For flavor houses, organic e-liquids are an absolute must to unlock the potential flavors they’re looking for. Nearly all the major names in flavor-making rely on vegetable-based substances for their high-end products.

Lastly, organic e-liquids tend to come from higher quality manufacturers, though the reason for this isn’t obvious. It’s because simply put, organic e-liquids are more difficult to make, and demand higher-quality equipment. Without the buy-in of higher quality manufacturing capital, it simply isn’t possible to make organic products. This is an unfortunate gatekeeping mechanism for manufacturers new to the industry, but from the perspective of resellers and consumers, it works out wonderfully as a simple, obvious indicator of quality. A low-quality manufacturer might rely on high-quality copy to sell an inferior product, but when it simply isn’t possible to cut corners, one can be assured no corners are cut. It’s unclear if this will remain a reliable metric in the future, however. The vaping industry changes extremely rapidly, and not always predictably. While it is currently more difficult for manufacturers to get the necessary materials for organic production, a new product line could change this overnight or a new government regulation could make it more difficult to label a product ‘organic.’ There is simply no way to tell.

Even for those who don’t care for organic products, there are distinct advantages to organic flavored e-liquids, which are worth giving pause. If the supposed advantages of organic liquids don’t have any mindshare with consumers, these unseen benefits will still elevate an otherwise generic product. Obviously, the necessary baseline of research and due diligence are still a requirement, and just because a product is organic doesn’t mean it’s high quality, or what a consumer is looking for. However, the benefits run deeper than the term itself. So it’s always worth looking into the ramifications of the term ‘organic’ and making a judgment as to whether the manufacturer is putting in the effort, or simply looking for another product tag.

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