6 Spotify Tricks You Wish You Had Known Sooner

Spotify Tricks

Are you bored of looking at the same display screen of Spotify over and over again? Do you want to change it to a more exciting and appealing visual? Do you want to make your phone speaker sound louder? IF your answer to these questions is Yes! Then you are in the right place. Continue reading, and you will get to know some cool tricks that you wish you had known earlier.

Why Spotify?

A. Spotify is the best platform for discovering new music. Between the thousands of user and music label created playlists and the individually tailored Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists, Spotify remains the best way to discover new music. Isn’t it interesting?

B. Also, It isn’t dominated by record labels. Spotify’s charts and discovery features are user-driven. The popular songs are the ones that are streamed the most, not the ones that are chosen and promoted through selective placement (like on YouTube).

Though YouTube has a bigger music selection, the discovery features terrible, and companies control most of the uploading and popular aspects of YouTube. Now that shell accounts were created and popularized through advertising to upload certain songs more often than others.

Now let’s dive right into the tricks you must know.

1. Be Able To See The Artwork Of The Songs In Your Playlist

If you are tired of staring at the same boring playlist that seems dull, do this to see the songs’ artwork in your playlist. All you need to do is- add any podcast to your playlist and Boom!

Get artwork of songs into your playlist. It doesn’t matter what podcast you choose or episode from any podcast. Now you can have a visual treat.

2. Make The Volume Of Your Songs Louder

We all know the situation speaker of our phone is not enough to get the party going. So what should be done to increase the volume without using anything else, just settings?

To get the extra boost of volume –
Go to settings, then go to playback, click on the equalizer, then drag all of those little things up that are Maxima of the graph and appear as points, and that’s it. Now you are done.

Even though your Quality may suffer, the volume is super high, and you can now enjoy the beautiful song with an external speaker.

3. Block An Artist You Don’t Like

How to never listen to one artist ever again. Maybe you don’t want to hear that person every again then what you do? Spotify, you can Block artists from Spotify as you do with the users you don’t like on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media.

All you have to do is –
Go to the profile of that specific artist, then click on the three dots at the top right corner and then click on “Don’t play this artist.” And from now on, you will Nvr again in your life listen to that artist on your Spotify.

4. Recover Deleted Playlists

Sometimes we delete the playlist that was dear to us. For some ppl, it’s not a significant deal bit, not for music lovers, it is. We all have experienced it like all things were in perfect sequence. But we accidentally delete the playlist.

And now, we are left with nothing but regret, but the good news is you can recover your accidentally deleted favorite playlist. With the help of this website, you can now download songs from Spotify hassle-free.

To recover-
Go onto your laptop or any browser of your phone and go to Spotify and log in. Go to account and select recover playlists from the given options; then, you can see all playlists that you have deleted deliberately or by mistake. From here, you can recover the playlist you want.

5. Choose To Close Spotify According To Your Selected

Have you ever fallen asleep while listening to your favorite song or a podcast, and when you wake up, there’s no battery left on your mobile? Here is the solution to this. Yes, it’s Sleep close.

For customizing the TimeTime of listening to songs. All you have to do is-
On the Play screen, click on the top right corner, then scroll down and select the Time from the given options. Options vary from several seconds to the customization of the time on your own. Choose the option you want.

6. Car View

So while you use the drive, it’s hard to scroll And select your desired song. Although it’s not advisable to use the phone, you are stuck at any red light; you can use it to navigate songs.
Also, not every car has Bluetooth media control, but you have it, you should use this feature.
Enabling a car view will help navigation easier.

To to this –
Go to Setting and then scroll down to the car view and then turn on automatically.

Each time you connect your phone’s Spotify to the car’s Bluetooth, it will automatically connect to the car view. You can also manually turn it on every time you connect to your vehicle.
By this, the text will be visible bolder and icons bigger.


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