Choose right Advertising methods for your business

Advertising Methods

With wrong advertising, you will not make a profit. Here are the questions you need to go through and the most relevant options to look at.

If you are going to do advertising, the first step is to find the right advertising methods. With the help of them, you can good benefits. And if you do everything correctly, making a profit with advertising has its challenges. Using the wrong methods makes it almost impossible.

Advertising is one of the best methods for getting traffic and high-quality leads that I recommend to readers. If you’re serious about your business, you should use advertising. You just need to be smart about it.

So, let’s look at the methods you should pick from. And let’s go through the list of the options that are most likely to work for you.


Facebook Ads

Facebook has been the most build up advertising platform for a while. Lots of companies can get fairly competitive and well-qualified traffic from Facebook. it’s likely a good first option to try out. you should think through all the options. Facebook isn’t always the best or even a good option.

As for what kinds of ads will work best, keep in mind that Facebook is entertainment for most people. You can try to be entertaining, too. then your ads are compared to whatever each person finds most entertaining. Facebook is good at finding what people want to see, so the bar for entertainment is high. It’s also why Facebook is so good to build people’s beliefs—no matter how inaccurate they might be.

The other side is to focus on the benefits they can get from you— as in most marketing. And many of the most effectual Facebook ads are benefit/fact-driven. A tip of entertainment can help those ads perform even better.


Linkedin Ads

Supposedly Linkedin ads lead to higher conversion rates than other ads. It’s true in some cases. Even when it is true, the click prices make Linkedin ads lose to other options. If you can find your target peoples from Linkedin, trying their ads makes sense. But try some other methods, too, so you see how they compare.

The best Linkedin ads focus on strong benefits. I don’t use Linkedin ads more to know if the trend has changed. But I’d be surprised if benefit-focused headlines weren’t still the most consistent option.


Other social media ads

Most social media sites offer advertising solutions. As long as your target prospects use the social media, you can test it out. I wouldn’t expect wonderful results, but they will be truly worth testing.



AdWords’ cost per click is often high. But if you do elements right, the conversion rates can be remarkable. AdWords is in some ways the most skill-intensive online solution. If you don’t know all the techniques and use the best strategy, you’re probably to waste your money.

I normally suggest hiring an expert to handle AdWords for you. To be obvious, I mean an expert, not someone who just calls their selves an expert. It’s hard to find the original. Your spam box is filled with the latter.

The standard guideline to AdWords is to indicate the search term. There’s a lot more you need to get perfect. But the most important thing is to use a headline that’s as close to the search terms as possible. If you just get that perfect, you have a good chance to get clicks.


YouTube ads

People are still calculating how to do this. Those who have figured out something that works for their business get good results. Others—the wide majority—lose their money (which, to be fair, is usually with all advertising).

I haven’t used YouTube ads more than enough to know how predictably you can make them rewarding or what’s the most reliable approach. So, at the time, I’m hesitant to highly recommend them to my customers. Obtaining results without having high-quality video is unusual, so the bar for entry is pretty high.


Paid guest posts

This is basically a quite simple way to get good results. That said, very few individuals do it right. We’ll seem at guest posting in the next part of this series and the same concepts apply to paid guest blogging. However, there’s rarely a good reason to pay for guest posts. The websites that ask you to pay for them to submit your articles are rarely the websites you should write for anyway.


Direct mail ads

If you know what you are doing, you can definitely make a profit with direct mail ads. But if you are not a good copywriter, it’s better to keep other advertising methods.

There are, obviously, situations where direct mail isn’t a good option. It works with complicated B2B-software solutions and luxury cars, too. So, if you have difficulties with direct mail ads, you need a better copy.


Magazine Ads

Magazine ads can produce great returns on the investment. As usual, targeting is very important. Because most of the companies struggle with newspaper ads is the lack of a targeted audience. But if a majority of the readers are your target customers, it’s truly worth a try.

Niche market magazines (association journals, hobby-specific, etc.) are generally more cost-effective. Targeting is built into them, so a larger portion of the audience is your target customers.

As for ad content, advertorials work very well, but they take a lot of expertise to write nicely. More popular styles of magazine ads can all work as long as you pick the right one for your situation. There are no simple rules to follow there.


Billboards and other outside Ads

It can work. But the costs are usually far very high if your product doesn’t attract a very wide audience. If you run a small business and you get a good offer for ads near your location, it’s truly worth considering. When you just try them, a quite safe option is a discount offer.


Branded gifts and general business gifts

Business gifts can produce massive profits. They are also the best example of how essential targeting is in advertising. Do it right, and you can get the maximum returns of any type of advertising. Get it wrong, and you’re confirmed to lose all the money you invest.

Most business gifts are low-cost. The idea is to give them to any person who’s willing to take one. The problem is that low-cost gifts are almost useless. And most of the people already have the cheap things they need. For example, I have a key-chain I like — I don’t want an additional.

The substitute is to get unique, more valuable gifts for carefully selected people. These would be people who could help your business significantly. For example, you find 20 people you think would be great partners or affiliates and spend $10,000 on nice gifts. If it leads to one good partnership, you might make a massive profit.

The trouble is figuring out what they would appreciate. The simplest way to do it is to find someone close to them who can tell you what they’d like. You can check if you find their family members from Facebook. Or you can contact their employees (or close colleagues) to get ideas.