Here’s a Helpful Guide in Choosing the Best Data Centre to Partner With

Bringing business to the online world is now booming and becoming a trend. And if you’re currently deciding to, you better make sure to ask help from data centers. Data centers are a great help and an excellent choice. Especially if you still have no area and, not enough budget for a compelling and updated I.T. facility.

So, if you’re deciding to get your company a data center partner but admittedly needing some help, you better finish this article. This will surely save you from the struggle you’re now facing due to choosing the right one for you and your company. What are you waiting for? Go on and find out.

Consider the location

One of the most important factors when choosing a data centre to partner with is by considering its location. You wouldn’t want a place that’s exposed to possible threats, rights? The location itself is where you would entrust your company’s data and files.

Here are several factors to consider when checking the location:

  • Proximity – a data center shouldn’t be too far from your company. This is to make your visit or your I.T. staffs’ visit much easier.
  • Capacity – you must know the capacity of the data center when it comes to facing natural calamities and/or disasters.
  • Facilities – a data center should have a compelling facility to house your data, files and more.
See if the data center is well-equipped

To come up with an excellent choice, it’s a plus factor if you would also check if the data center is well-equipped. It means that you must give account if the data center has backup solutions for all major components like HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), power, fire, and so on.

Moreover, make sure that the data center you’re considering has disaster retrieval plans in case of unfortunate circumstances, possible power failures, and more. You must also see if it’s capable to provide you with the services that you might need – web servers, collocation, cheap dedicated servers, web hosting services, data backup, cloud hosting, and more.

Check the reliability

Reliability is always present when it comes to business talks. Before choosing a data center, make sure to carefully check its reliability in its field. Data centers or collocation providers are guaranteed by the Service Level Agreement or SLA.

This so-called SLS assures maximum network uptime, temperature stability, and power service. Take note that a reliable data center must have 99.995% uptime.

Safety and security is important

One thing you might want to check when considering a data center is its safety and security. It’s important that you partner with a company who has a high and compelling safety and security system.

A data center can be prone in the prying eyes of the hackers, thieves, and anyone who wants to get access to any of the servers. That’s why checking the facilities both indoor and outdoor, staffs, lightings, and surveillance cameras will add up to a better result.

Feedbacks and/or public reviews

This is one of the traditional and easiest ways when choosing a particular service or product to any companies – getting feedbacks and/or public reviews. You can ask a friend or a partner company if they can recommend a data center that’s really credible and capable enough.

You can also do this by researching the top data centers in your place or near your place. Through that, you can visit their websites and check the feedbacks and/or public reviews section.

Risks and threats

It’s understood and well accepted that many companies and industries in the business world can be a victim of possible threats and risks. But there are lots of ways to outsmart these said threats and risks.

You may check the overall physical features of a data center if it would be capable enough to withstand such risks like natural calamities and threats life theft, damage, and loss of data and files. If you’re still not convinced, you can check the history and records of the data center that you’re considering.

This article hopes that it sustained you enough and new knowledge about your concerns. And it also assumed that it was able to answer some of the questions you were minding the moment before you make time for this article. If you have more suggestions or thoughts, you are always welcome to share it with us.


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