Six Crazy Snapchat Hacks You’d Like To Try

Snapchat Hacks

Snapchat is the one app that has gained popularity in the recent past. Be it the fact that chatting through pictures or messages that disappear immediately, Snapchat is the number one social media app for interactions that occur only over a small interval of time.

However, it is not the app that should be used for official and professional communications. And if you want to create more accounts for any purpose ( can help you do the same! For example, it is inadvisable to send or receive a resume or an official document through Snapchat, and it seems preferable to have casual exchanges on the same. Off late, Snapchat has been competing with many succeeding apps by upgrading its features and creating new hacks.

Not many users are aware of these updates, and some of them are listed down below:

Change The Color Of Your Default Skin Tone Emoji –

this feature is a must-try if you’re someone that loves to use emojis. It is relatively recent and allows the users to change what skin tone they want their emojis to appear in. Some emojis, mostly the ones which use hands/fingers/ facial expressions, have a skin tone option.

When these emoticons are applied on the snap or in chat, they usually appear in the default skin tone. To change this setting, one can go to settings, click on the manage icon, and then select ‘emoji skin tone’ where a variety of skin tones appear. You can now go ahead and enjoy your updated emoji skin tone.

Check If Someone Is Following You Back-

This is another infamous feature where you can check whether the user you’ve added has added you back. This hack can be used when one notices that only they are watching the other person’s stories, and it doesn’t work both ways.

When you click on the user’s name if their Snapchat score shows, then that means that they are following you back. This is a tried and tested hack because Snapchat has not updated its feature to making the Snapchat score private.

Screenshot A Snap Without Getting Notified-

This feature could be a lifesaver to many. Most snaps that are shared are either humorous and funny or controversial. If you ever wanted to screenshot your best friend’s goofy snap without them getting notified, then this hack is the way to go!

All you need to do is go to your recent apps page where the other apps are visible. Open the snap and screenshot it while in the last apps page, and now there is no way you’ll get caught red-handed for capturing your friend’s funny snap.

My Eyes Only-

This filter I like more than an inbuilt app lock for Snapchat. Most people install individual apps and put a separate password to lock their apps. But Snapchat has luckily made this feature free of cost! And the best part about this feature is that snaps from camera roll (which have not been clicked on snap) can be added to my eyes only too.

However, the downside is that once the password is forgotten, these snaps cannot be recovered whatsoever. After a quick setup, long-press the image you require to move to my eyes only, Snapchat asks you to select a deleted model from the gallery and voila! Your very own private Snapchat lock has been created.

Snapchat Calls-

This is yet another underrated feature because not many people use Snapchat for calls. The quality of Snapchat calls work just as beautiful and also comes with a bonus for video calls.

What better discovery could there be than to add a lens to one’s face simultaneously while being on a call? This could work just as well as any other calling app, but with a little more oomph of adding filters

Rapidly Increase Snapchat Score-

This hack can work wonders if you’re someone that installed Snapchat late and lagging behind with your snap score game. By using this feature, you can increase your score by up to 100,000 in less than 30 minutes. The first step is to add random bots and celebrities.

Next is to click a snap from the camera and send it to multiple accounts (you can do any number you want, the more, the merrier). Repeat the step, but this time, click on the ‘last snap’ icon, and it will be sent to the same number of people you previously sent it to. This can be done multiple times, and the newly updated score can be viewed by refreshing the app. You can now fit in with all your friends by having a high snap score.

Make sure to try these hacks and hasten your Snapchat knowledge!