2022- Our selection of the best beaches in Bali

If you want fine sand, sun, crystal clear waters, and a cocktail to have a good time, you should visit Bali and its paradisiacal beaches of Indonesia… With its prime location on the Bali Sea in the Indian Ocean, the south of the island has sumptuous white beaches that stretch along the entire coast.

The north of the island has the particularity of having black sand. This is due to the volcanic activity that is active on the island of Bali. This paradisiacal place is also an ideal place to practice water sports and relax during the holidays. For your next destination in Indonesia, find the most beautiful beaches in Bali, listed below:

1 – Nusa Dua, the most famous beach in Bali

If you want to spend a vacation on the fine sand facing a turquoise sea, nothing better than spending a few days in Nusa Dua. It is an ideal destination to relax, enjoy the sun.

This beach, known for its cleanliness, is also appreciated for the ambient calm that it offers to vacationers. For relaxation to the rhythm of the waves, don’t miss Bali’s most famous beach on your next trip to Indonesia.
It is also an ideal destination if you are traveling with your family. In most stations, you will not miss anything and you will find restaurants of all kinds and for all budgets.

2 – Padang Padang, one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali

If we compare it to most of the beaches in Bali, we can say that Padang Padang is a small beach with unparalleled charm. Despite its small size and access to this beach is chargeable (around € 1), Padang Padang is an exceptional place for lovers of paradisiacal beaches. This place also owes its notoriety to the shooting which was carried out in 2010 for the film “Eat, pray, love” with Julia Roberts.

Good to know: For a unique and unforgettable moment, try going early in the morning to watch the sunrise before it gets too crowded.

3 – Seminyak, the ideal beach to see a wonderful sunset

This beach is perfect for sipping a cocktail or eating an ice cream while enjoying a magnificent sunset. Along its miles of fine sand, you will find several beach bars where you can cool off and watch an unforgettable sunset.

Take the opportunity to have dinner before going to enjoy the nightlife which offers a particularly pleasant atmosphere. During the day, this is a great place to relax and learn to surf.

4 – Jimbaran Bay, for an authentic and natural dinner

This vast beach is located south of the Bali airport. Unlike Seminyak, Jimbaran Bayest is much quieter. It is also a beautiful place to watch the sunset and eat some local food.

It is also a beach that is sure to please fish and seafood lovers. Indeed, it is precisely in Jimbaran that local fishermen sell fresh produce that they have caught in the morning. So if you are looking for a romantic dinner with seafood, Jimbaran is the right place.

As for the water, don’t expect crystal clear waters. The southern beaches are much prettier for swimming.

5 – Kuta beach: a surfer’s paradise

A real authentic institution on the island, surf enthusiasts are also entitled to their corner of paradise on Bali. In addition, in Kuta Beach, there are many hotels/villas for your stay in Bali. It is a great place to stay in the southern part of Bali.

If you are into surfing, you will find plenty of Australians here who come to spend their vacation in Bali in search of sensational waves. At night, the panorama changes and the party begins at sunset. There are also many places in Kuta to dance and have a drink. Without a doubt, this is one of the best beaches in Bali if you want to have fun.

6 – Pemuteran Beach, the beach for scuba diving enthusiasts

For scuba and snorkelers, Pemuteran Beach is not one of the best known on the island, but it is the place that is home to Bali’s largest reef. So if you want to see all kinds of fish, don’t miss this beach on your excursion to Indonesia.

Obviously, Pemuteran beach is much more attractive underwater. For example, if you take a snorkel mask and are lucky you might see sea turtles or manta rays. Pemuteran Beach is hands down the best beach in Bali if you love scuba diving or are keen on diving in general.

7 – Sanur beach, the ideal beach to see the seabed in Bali

For lovers of snorkeling or scuba diving, Sanur Beach is one of the best on the island for exploring the seabed in Bali.

Located in the south of the island, Sanur Hill is characterized by a long coastline covered with palm trees. In addition, this place has countless reefs filled with marine animals.

Good to know: Also, don’t miss the Bali Kitesurf Show, which runs from May to September just 2 kilometers from Sanur.

8 – Lovina Beach, the dolphin beach

This beach is much less known than the previous ones and its black sand is very curious. In fact, they are lava remnants from the Agung volcano.

Unlike the southern beaches, there is much less swell. So it’s perfect if you want to bathe in peace. And it’s also a great place to see dolphins at dawn!

9 – Sundays Beach Club, in search of tranquility

If the crowds aren’t your thing, try the Sundays Beach Club! In the south of Bali, you will find this famous club with a private white sand beach.

The turquoise water is really beautiful and if you like snorkeling you will find much sublime fish with multiple colors. It is also an ideal beach for kayaking or paddleboarding.

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