Discover What To Do In Tanzania Safari!

Tanzania Safari

Tanzania is, “The soul of Africa.” And is that everything you imagine on a trip to the African continent like animals on foot of a jeep, incredible savanna landscapes, postcard sunsets, paradisiacal beaches bathed by a turquoise sea, the charm of the tribes. If you decide to visit Tanzania, surely you have heard about the Serengeti and Zanzibar Island safaris, but in Easy travel, we have set out to tell you about the beautiful variety of things to do in Tanzania. Keep reading and discover with us what to do in Tanzania safari

Tanzania Safari: What to see and what to do.

1. Serengeti National Park

Any wildlife lover should ever go to the Serengeti. The park was established in 1951 to protect the impressive phenomenon of the Great Migration when more than 3 million herbivores (mostly wildebeest) travel every year about 3,000 kilometers to reach the Masai Mara in search of more fertile land.

Today it is Tanzania’s main source of tourism and a fantastic place to spot animals in total freedom. The Serengeti National Park runs through countless savannas, dotted with lonely acacias, forests, and rivers that serve as homes for the so-called Big Five (the lion, the leopard, the rhino and the buffalo) and many other species such as the cheetah, the hyena or the zebra.

An ordinary day in the Serengeti begins at dawn when the cats are more awake. You will wander the park roads observing the fascinating simplicity of the life of its inhabitants and receiving a “master’s degree” in wildlife in the most pleasant way possible: observing in the first person. After a sunset that paints the savanna colors, you rest in one of its lodges or camps anxious for another of these marathon days of Tanzania safari to begin. If one of the powerful reasons to visit Tanzania is to enjoy the Serengeti, we advise you to at least plan 3 days in it, as the park has 14,763 square kilometers of extension. Also, did you know that there is the possibility of a ride a balloon and see one of the most beautiful landscapes in Africa from above?

2. Zanzibar

One of the best things to do in Tanzania is to enjoy the Zanzibar archipelago.

In this group of islands, you will not only find idyllic beach cards, but also a good dose of history and nature. Composed of the islands of Zanzibar (also known as Unguja), Pemba and a set of small islets in the Indian Ocean, our advice is that you spend at least a week enjoying the charms of the “spice islands”. Here is a small preview of everything you can do in Zanzibar:

Fall in love with the beaches of Nungwi:

The northern part of the island of Zanzibar is the one with the best beaches since there are no coral reefs in them and they are less affected by the tides. It is here where you can admire how the traditional Swahili coast ships are built, the dhows.

Learn about the fascinating history of Stone Town:

The old town of the capital of Zanzibar was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco and is a maze of coral walls and carved wooden doors that you cannot miss.

Lower the pulsations on the east coast of the island:

In places like Jambiani or Paje, with a youthful and backpacking atmosphere, there are also beautiful and quiet beaches, although the tides bother the bathroom a bit.

Diving in the Mnemba atoll:

In this impressive marine reserve, you will find the best diving spots to see in Tanzania.

Enjoy the spicy cuisine of Zanzibar at The Rock:

Located on the quiet beach of Michanwi Pingwe, this restaurant has become world-famous for its location on an islet just steps from the shore.

Give yourself a tribute at a resort in Kendwa:

This area of Zanzibar, northwest of the island, is the one with the most comfortable beaches and the most luxurious accommodations.

Meet the red colobus monkey in the Jozani Forest:

It is the only tropical forest left on the island and the only place in the world where you can see this primate.

If you want to know Tanzania safari with less tourism, choose to spend a few days in Pemba, where there are hardly 5 hotels.

3. Ngorongoro Conservation Zone

If we had to choose a place to see in Tanzania, we would opt for the Ngorongoro. Being one of the largest volcanic calderas in the world, this is the smallest area delimited in which to see the Big Five.

The landscape is overwhelming. Almost without realizing it, you will see yourself in the heart of the crater of an extinct volcano where several ecosystems such as the savanna, forests, marshes or swamps where animals live in complete freedom live together.

We suggest you spend at least one day of Tanzania safari in a jeep, contemplate the panoramic view of the crater from one of its viewpoints and, if you can, do one of the walking routes through the Ngorongoro Conservation Zone, many of them guided by people from the Maasai tribe.

4. Kilimanjaro National Park

Arusha is the base from which the Tanzania safaris leave for such incredible destinations as the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro or the Tarangire, so it is likely that on your tourist trip through Tanzania you will fly to the nearest airport, the Kilimanjaro International Airport.

In that case, do not hesitate to ask to be assigned a window seat, because you are very likely to see one of the symbols of Africa from the plane, the Kilimanjaro, with its 5,895 meters of altitude.

If you have a good physical condition and are passionate about the mountains, one of the best things to do in Tanzania is to ascend to the summit of Kilimanjaro, covered with perpetual snow.

The tour lasts between 5 and 7 days and it is said that, although it is the highest mountain in Africa, it is one of the most accessible peaks in the world. Not surprisingly, more than 20,000 people try to crown Kilimanjaro every year, taking one of the 7 routes enabled to do so.


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