5 Tricks to Get an FHA Loan with 500 Credit Score Texas


Your credit score is one of the most crucial things that you should consider when applying for an FHA home loan program. It is because your credit score shows your creditworthiness, the higher the score, the better creditworthy you would be. And if your credit score is as low as 500, then it could be difficult for you to get loan approval.

But there is still hope for you and you can get approval for an FHA loan 500 credit score Texas. Following these tips help you get an FHA loan approval with a 500 credit score.


  1. Don’t make any credit mistakes

When your credit score is 500 or lower than that, making any credit mistakes further worsen the score, and making it completely impossible for getting approval for even an FHA loan. As a result, your dream of homeownership will only become a dream. So, you should try to improve your credit score by actions including clearing all the previous debts, not making any hard inquiry, not applying for any new credit card, looking for mistakes, and rectifying it if there is any, etc. All these things can improve your score and make it easy for you to get approval. So, save yourself from making mistakes and enhance the score.

  1. Come with a large down payment

Your down payment plays a crucial role in your home approval process. With a good down payment, you can get an FHA loan approval despite a low credit score. Want to know how? Well, down payment is the initial amount that you need to pay when you buy a home on credit from the lender. The higher the down payment amount, the lower you need to borrow from the lender. Although a mortgage lender might not be ready to approve a huge loan amount with a low credit score, he or she can approve the loan when the amount is less due to a decent down payment. Try to come with a 20% down payment to ensure easy approval from an FHA-approved lender. If you find it difficult to arrange the finance, you can opt for down payment assistance programs and manage it easily.

  1. Be prepared to pay a high-interest rate

An interest rate or mortgage rate is an amount that a borrower has to pay over the life of the loan. Every homebuyer wants to secure a low-interest rate as possible because it helps them to save a large sum of money. But when your credit score is low, you need to pay a high-interest rate than others. So, prepare yourself to pay that amount over the life of the loan to ensure loan approval with a 500 credit score.

  1. Ask for quotes from different lenders

The FHA does not set any requirements for buyers. Rather FHA-approved lenders set it. And so, it varies from lenders to lenders. While some FHA-approved lenders ask for higher credit scores and down payment to get the loan approval, others ask for lenient requirements. Without checking, it will not be possible for you to understand who will be the right choice for you. So, ask for quotes, compare these, and then make your decision.

So, restrict yourself from making credit card mistakes, come with a big down payment amount, be ready to pay a high-interest rate, and shop for lenders to get an FHA loan with a 500 credit score. Now, start looking for lenders today.