Is a Goodman Gas Package Unit a Good Fit for Your Home?

Working with an HVAC specialist is going to present a lot of different options for your home, between split systems and air handlers, gas furnaces, heat pumps and more. If you work with a good specialist, he or she will help you settle on the best option for you home, but sometimes you need to do a little research on your own to ensure yourself that you are investigating the best option.

For example, you might be kicking around the option of outfitting your home with a gas package unit like a Goodman gas package unit. Sometimes referred to as gas packs, these types of package units are suitable for some living situations where other HVAC solutions don’t fit the bill.

A gas package unit, or a gas pack, is a solution for heating and cooling for homes that don’t have a lot of interior space to accommodate an air handle or a furnace. Typically, gas package units will have most or all of their components situated on the outside of the building instead of inside.

If you’re looking at options in a gas package unit because you are short on space inside your home, there are a few other things that go along with it besides the fact that it’s designed to save your home some space. Here are a few of the other things you should know about gas packs.

In addition to requiring less space, gas package units are also fairly energy efficient, which can make them more suitable for your living situation. Contrast this to some alternatives like heat pumps, which are known to be energy efficient but are not as effective at heating and cooling as gas package units can be. Therefore, gas packs might be a better choice for your home if you see high and low temperatures throughout the year. A gas pack can keep you comfortable while remaining fairly energy efficient.

The two main selling points of gas packaged units are that they can save you space and that they are energy efficient as well. Remember, however, that there are other package options in addition to gas packs that might be suitable for your home. You might want to bring this to the attention to the specialist you are working with if you would like more information on the matter.

Ask your specialist questions about heat pumps, packaged air conditioners and other options you have to save you space and money on the purchase. There are plenty of options out there so you’ll want to investigate them all before you pull the trigger on a specific one. Learn more about packaged gas and electric units among others before you proceed with a purchase.

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