Pitting a 5 Ton AC Package Unit against a Split System

Unless you are an HVAC specialist yourself, there is a good chance that you rely on the input you receive from your technicians when you are trying to figure out what system to pair with your home. There is a perpetual debate between the advantages of a package unit as compared by a split system; so stop here to check out some of them so you can make a better informed decision. Keep in mind that this deals in the merits of the system itself, and not in volume – therefore, to keep things fair and accurate, if you’re looking at a 5 ton AC package unit, compare it to a split system with a 5 ton air handler.

A package system may be a bonus for those who don’t have a lot of indoor room to dedicate to the footprint of the air handler that would come with a split system. That makes a package unit a more desirable option for small homes and smaller indoor spaces. As all of the critical equipment would be outside, it’s worth it for them to go with a package unit that won’t take up all of their space.

Another thing that some homeowners will prefer is the fact that there is diminished apparent volume with a packaged unit as opposed to a split system. Because the packaged unit will be housed (to use such a term) outdoors, then there will be less apparent noise within the home. As you have probably noticed yourself, condenser units make a ton of noise in the summer and that drone can be a serious distraction. Split systems, which offer an indoor air handler, bring a lot more noise inside.

Then there is this to consider; as a package system is going to be arranged outside, this puts them up against much harsher conditions that can impact the life of the system. While it is true enough that these systems are specifically designed to be able to handle the elements, the elements do, eventually get their way. All things considered, there is a good chance that a split system will last longer (at least the air handler) than a package unit, regardless of the volume.

These are only a few of the relative advantages and disadvantages of a package AC unit as compared to a split system. If you want to learn more about the fine details of the benefits and drawbacks of each, help is only a quick call away at 855-473-6484. That number will take you to the team at Budget Air Supply, who would be more than happy to field your questions and make recommendations.

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