Should You Get a 2 Ton AC Unit with Heat Pump?

Working around the fine points of different HVAC equipment can be confusing unless you have a lot of experience. For many people in most climates in the country, they’re probably going to have some combination of a furnace for heat in the winter and an AC unit with a condenser to keep them comfortable in the summer.

This classic setup is not the only way to keep things comfortable around the home or the business, however, and there are many other things you might want to consider in order to get the most fitting unit for your home.

For example, consider the climate. Some places don’t get hot enough in the summer to warrant the need for a powerful condenser to keep the home cool. Big AC units can draw a lot of power and really drive up cooling costs, especially in locations where that much power might not be needed.

Conversely, in areas where it doesn’t get too cold, you might not even have a need for a gas furnace at all. There are single stage and two stage furnaces which can help improve energy efficiency in some situations, but not in all. Depending on the layout of your home, your preferences as an individual, and your yearly weather patterns, you might not need the power of a gas furnace at all.

With that in mind, let’s consider a very specific, unique situation. Let’s say that you live in an area with mild winters, where it gets cold occasionally but not frigid. You still have a need for heating, but you don’t want to shell out cash either for the up front cost of a furnace or for the gas that it is going to burn.

In that same climate, let’s say that you have particularly hot, even humid summers. Therefore, you have a pretty strong need for cooling if you want to stay comfortable through the sweltering months. Therefore, though you might not want to front the cost of a furnace, you would need to provide for cooling.

Considering only the scenario of the cool but not freezing winters, you might find a heat pump well worth the cost. Heat pumps are some of the most efficient units available for heating and cooling and they are much more efficient than both AC units and furnaces. That makes them attractive to many people, both for heating and cooling.

What heat pumps don’t provide, however, is for the same power that AC units and furnaces can provide, although they are much more efficient. Therefore, though a heat pump might provide enough heat through a mild winter, it might not be powerful enough to keep the same space cool in the winter.

That doesn’t mean they can’t provide for cooling; they can, but not to the same level as an AC unit. Therefore, if your area is terribly hot in the summer but not terribly cold in the winter, something like a 2 ton AC unit with heat pump might be for you.

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