What’s Meant by Goodman 2 Stage Furnace?

When you hear a term like 2 stage furnace, or more specifically Goodman 2 stage furnace, it wouldn’t be odd if you raised a few questions. For example, what is meant by the term, and where, or why, does it matter.

Well, the easiest part of the question to answer is the one of brand. Goodman, like Rheem and Tempstar, is simply a manufacturer of HVAC systems and equipment, albeit that might be an understatement to some in the industry.

The fact is that Goodman is one of the premier producers of such equipment in the industry, and some of the finest HVAC solutions that you can find in the modern industry for heating and cooling solutions have the trademark red Goodman brand logo affixed to them.

What a furnace is, at least, is superficially simple enough. A furnace burns fuel like propane or natural gas in order to release its energy, which, in the form of heat, is used to provide a more comfortable setting in cold climates. Whereas air conditioners use condensers and apply energy  to remove heat from the air, a furnace burns fuel to heat up a metal heat exchanger and vents the exhaust. Then, the heat from the heat exchanger is released and circulated throughout a space.

Then there is the matter of what, precisely, is meant by a 2 stage furnace. Simply put, most furnaces on the market are single or dual stage, and this connotes the methods of their operation.

Single stage furnaces have only one level of output and therefore are not modular to a setting. When they come on, they work as hard as they would at any other time. Dual stage furnaces, on the other hand, have a lower setting for days that are not particularly cold, and a higher setting for days that are much colder.

They are not ideal for all climates, but if you have severe winters that occasionally require more output from your home’s heating system, then a dual stage furnace may be a good fit for your home. That way, you can pump up the power when you need the extra heat and scale it back when the weather is milder.

Given the proper energy audit of a home, you might not only be more comfortable with a two stage furnace, but you might be able to save money as well. They are not only more efficient, but since you can more or less choose what level of operation to use, you can enjoy a quieter setting as well.

Then the matter at hand becomes one of determining whether or not your home could be well apparelled by two stage models like a Goodman 2 stage furnace or would be a better match for a single stage furnace. That much will require the input of professionals with years of experience and qualifications, and if that is the matter at hand, then you should reach out to the team at Budget Air Supply.

Budget Air Supply, whose team has many years of experience under their belts, offers some of the best customer service in the HVAC industry. In fact, that’s the very reason they ever came about in the first place.

Get in touch with their team at BudgetAirSupply.com or by calling them up at 855-473-6484. They’ll be more than happy to go over the details of models with you or to uncover the unique needs of your specific living arrangement. Then, furnace or no furnace, they’ll know whether you need a split system, what air handler to use, what type of heat pump or gas furnace is appropriate for you, and more. The first step, though, is getting in touch with them – so don’t wait.

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